Weekend Recap: Day 4

Friday, October 23, 2009

Monday morning I woke up and got the kids off to school.  Izzy and I headed to the gym for one last workout since she leaves on Tuesday morning.  (I had to get in one more training session!)

It was another good workout, I must say!  And pretty fun, too.  At one point Izzy started counting in French and I had no idea what she was saying.  At least she was counting her own reps and not mine or I might still be going! 

After the gym we headed home to get ready for an afternoon of shopping.  We found some great deals at Old Navy and she picked up a super cute dress at Target! No one will have that one in Canada, right Izzy?  We tried to find me the pan that she swears by (I have the worst pans that burn everything!), but turns out it's a Canadian pan.  Boo America!

Then it was off to grab the kids from school and home to get dinner ready.  Monday night was a treat because Izzy wanted to cook for us.  Now, you know all those recipes I post where I say "1 jar spaghetti sauce"?  Yeah, Izzy doesn't cook like that.  Right in front my very own eyes, I watched her make homemade pasta sauce.  And again, it was like heaven in my mouth.  Seriously.  I need to pause and reflect.

Take a look:

See?  It was so good we couldn't even get the camera out fast enough!  Thanks for dinner Izzy!  It was soooo YUMMY!

After dinner, Izzy played Star Wars with Taylor on the Wii.  He had been asking her to play all weekend and then he would decide to go outside and play with his friends instead, but now, it was almost bed time, so he had no choice.  I think Izzy even beat him one time!

Now, we'll see if Izzy gets home with this, but we gave her a Dallas Cowboys jersey.  We thought it would be appropriate to help her remember her time in Texas and her time with us. Granted, they're not her  favorite team, but she says they're her second favorite, so we'll go with it.


Personally, I think it looks great!  :)

Thanks for coming to visit, Izzy!  Next time, we're going North.  Eventually, we'll have to show our children that snow is not just something you see on TV.

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Staci said...

looks good on her!! so if she moves will she become a fan??

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