Weekend Recap: Day 3

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sunday morning we took Izzy to church.  We've told her about our church before so that was one of the things she wanted to do while she was here.  It was a great service and she really enjoyed it.

We came home and Joey grilled hamburgers for lunch.  Izzy ate... spinach and grilled chicken salad. We all watched football - because that's what we do on Sunday.  Lucky for us we got to watch the Giants get their tails whooped!! 

It was a great afternoon made even better when Izzy remembered that she owed Joey some of her famous nachos from a lost bet during last years football season.  She even promised to eat some.  This made Joey very happy.  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of these famous nachos because they were like heaven in my mouth and we ate them too quickly to get a picture.

Score one for the Canadian.

Then we had got to watch the Patriots annihilate Tennessee.  It was so bad that they switched it to another, more competitive game.  Izzy was very happy for her team.

Next up?  Pumpkin carving.


Yes, that's Taylor holding his nose.  He couldn't stand the smell of the pumpkin so he sat there holding his nose just watching the process.

Then Ashton drew the face.


Daddy did the carving.


And Izzy did the touch-up work.  She couldn't stand being able to see the pen marks on the pumpkin so she busted out the 409 and the carving knife to clean it up a bit.


Funny story... After the Mexican food last night and the nachos during the game, Joey and Izzy decided they needed to go for a run.  This was Izzy trying to get up the stairs after that run.  Ha ha!!


Another funny story... I wanted to roast the pumpkin seeds with butter, cinnamon and sugar, but I wasn't exactly sure how to do it.  Let me tell you how not to do it: Don't coat them in butter, then sugar and cinnamon, then bake them.  They'll just caramelize in the oven.  In case you're wondering.

So we're cleaning up, washing the pan, and dump them down the sink, because they're nice and, um... burnt, and I guess I forgot to turn on the garbage disposal.  Not good.  An hour or so later Joey was unclogging the pipes beneath the sink.  OOPS!


At least he looks darn good doing it.  LOL. 

Good times, good times...


Tara Gibson said...

love pumpkin carving! Looks like yall had a blast!

Grand Pooba said...

But carmalized pumpkin seeds sound delicious to me!

rootsandrings said...

Please share nacho details...k, thanks!

Staci said...

okay so ashton needs to stop growing, she looks like a teenager and that doesnt make aunt staci happy. OMG can you imagine what you are gonna have to deal with in the coming years?? I will pray for you ;)

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