Weekend Recap: Day 2

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Saturday morning, I woke up to this:

And seriously people, by this time, Izzy had gone for a run, stolen our Dallas Cowboys yard plaque (inside joke - she's a Patriots fan), showered, gotten dressed... and I think it was only 8 o'clock!  She's a machine, people!  A machine!!

She told the kids she wanted to make crepes for them, and if you think they would let her forget that, then you don't know my children.  She also brought pure maple syrup straight from Canada for the crepes.  It was delish!!!

Of course, after that, we had to hit the gym.  I was super excited to workout with Izzy because, you know, she looks like this:

... and I, well, don't.  I did make her promise that she wouldn't kill me.  And she didn't.  We had a great workout, I loved it, and I can still walk and lift my arms!  LOVE HER!!

Then we headed home, showered, dropped the kids at Joey's grandparents and went to the fabulousness that is La Cantera mall for just a bit.  We hit up Forever 21 and got some great things, then we went to Target on our way home to get ready for the evening.  I know, you're thinking, why in the world are you wasting your time at Target (well, if you're honestly thinking that, then you don't me, do you?)?  Well, did you know that they DON'T HAVE TARGET IN CANADA???

I know.  It's a travesty that anyone should have to live like that so we went to Target several times while Izzy was here.  And she was grateful.  Very grateful.

That night we went downtown with some friends to get Izzy her first margarita (I KNOW!!) and some very necessary Mexican food.



The margarita(s) was a hit and so was the Mexican food - including the queso.  YUM-MO!!  My thinking is that if I can get her to really like all of this fabulousness that she can't get in Canada, maybe she'll move :)  I know, it's quite a ways to move for good Mexican food, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

So after dinner we walked on the Riverwalk, because you haven't been to San Antonio unless you've walked the Riverwalk, and Joey and Izzy had to have ice cream.  So we stopped at Marble Slab.  (See how happy they are?)


Izzy joked that the only thing she's bringing back from San Antonio is 5 lbs. but that's not true.  She got this super cute dress, way cute skinny jeans at F21, and a gorgeous necklace too! 

Ha ha!!  I kid, I kid!!!  Seriously, I don't think this girl can gain weight if she tried.  She ran every morning and other than the BBQ and Mexican cheat meals, she ate spinach and grilled chicken salad the whole time she was here (no matter what we were eating!).  Her discipline is amazing!

Stay tuned... more tomorrow.


Lindsey said...

Looks like you guys had such a blast! And those margs and Mexican food look delish!!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

you crack me up! oh it sounded like so much fun! and soo yuuummy! i want mexican now! and you passed up ice cream?? i'm impressed=)! i bet that workout was so much fun too (and not intimidating at all! ha=) although you look amazing too woman!)

.:: b e k k a h ::. said...

sounds like a good time to me!!
ps- I awarded you the honest scrap award :]

Isabelle said...

Its working Steph!!! I'm missing you and your family sooooo much. Plus jeans for under 10$!!!! Really oh and people Steph was amazing at the gym! She didn't complain once and her form was perfect!!!

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