I think I'll move to Boston

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Today is October 1st.

It's 85 degrees in San Antonio.

With approximately 100% humidity.

And no chance of any change in the near future.

Thus the title of this post.

I seriously need some FALL up in this place.

'nuf said.


Anonymous said...

Take it back! Do not speak ill of Texas! You are privileged to live in this great state. Appreciate!

Grand Pooba said...

I agree with rootsandrings!

However, maybe you can just create fall inside your house with decor? That's good enough right? That way you get the beauty without the COLD!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

We are at least getting some rain here in Fort Worth. Good luck.

Joey said...

what you said makes me sick on 2 regards: 1. we live in the greatest state ever... Texas. 2. Boston has stupid NE Patriots in it. "nuf" said... as you say

angie said...

It's not even coming close to looking like fall over here, either. 90 degrees today. :)

Darlene said...

Nice and cool in the morning and at night, here in California. Added a blanket to my bed last night and had a robe on this morning to keep warm. Love the seasons here in Sacramento County. A nice warm afternoon to top off a nice Fall day.

Mojito Maven said...

yeab but at least we don't have snow right now like my parents do in Denver, CO...I'll take the Texas heat any day over snow or rain!

Isabelle said...

Oh no he didn't! Joey take that back! Don't you there talk ill of my babies!!!!!!

it's in the high 30s here, do you want to trade?????

I know the humidity is a b**ch for your hair tho, sorry about that!

Brandy said...

Uh I would basically die if it were 85 degrees out.

I love me some cocoa, long sleeves, scarves, and frost.

♥Karm said...

I'll move with you =]

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