Forgive me, for I have sinned.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I pride myself on being very knowledgeable when it comes to blogging. If you have a blogging question, generally I can answer it.

I mean, since I'm half of the Blogalicious duo, I should know all about blogging, right?

Hmm... you know that verse in the Bible, "pride comes before the fall"? Yeah well, my fall came Friday.

I received this comment on my blog:

Click on this site and it will teach you how to change a setting so people can respond to your notification email about a comment!

Let me know if you can't get it to work,


I read Lindsey's blog and I even read that post. But I didn't check my settings because I knew they were correct. I'm the blog queen, remember? What I did do, though, was thank Lindsey in my mind (luckily I didn't comment, or I'd have to eat those words, too!) for giving step-by-step instructions to other bloggers.

(Seriously, could I be any more prideful? Lindsey probably wrote that post for me! LOL.)

So I decided to test it.

I was "".


I was pretty embarrassed. But thanks to Kelsey, for helping me out so I'm not "noreply" anymore. I seriously love my blog friends!


monica said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. like the cowboys..HA! That is the only fb team hubby likes and I have come to enjoy them. We watched their first game yesterday. Ok, I'm rambling..just thought it was cute that you are sporting the blue star!

Have a great day!

Pixel Perfect Blog

Isabelle said...

I can't find her post!

BTW I might not like the new design but I love that you have the schedules of all the games!!!! GOOOO PATS

Sweet Simplicity said...

hahahahaha! At least you can admit it. I've been wondering why you didn't have an e-mail address connected with your comments. I'm glad someone told you! :)

Mighty M said...

Haha... I think a lot of other people are in the same boat as you are too, so don't feel too bad!! ;-)

jen + ryan said...

of course you can steal my decorating idea! :) just be sure to post pictures!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I just love the fact that you scared me to death thinking I didn't have it set that way. Then, I would have been a huge hypocrite! Now that you aren't a sinner anymore .... I can reply to you! :)

Joey said...

grab your ears and pull down real hard... when you hear the "pop"... well, you know the rest

Grand Pooba said...

LOL, weren't you wondering why you weren't getting any replies on your thought provoking comments on my blog!?!

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