First day of school jitters?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Well, not so much about the jitters.

I mean, Ashton is in the 4th grade, so she's a big fish this year and knows the drill.

Taylor? Well, he may be in Kinder, but he's so ready to go to school. Last night he laid out his clothes and we set his alarm. This morning, he got up on own, got dressed, fixed his hair, and ran downstairs! I was cooking breakfast (well, I was putting cinnamon rolls in the oven, don't get too excited!) and he proceeded to jump and down telling me how excited he was... about PE!!!

I didn't have the heart to tell him they don't have PE everyday.

Poor things. Their backpacks were so heavy. Daddy was carrying Taylor's while Ashton just had to suck it up until we dropped him off. Then I carried it. :)

Momma's little boy...

Every little boy needs a good pep-talk from their daddy, right? (Love it.)

There he is. All grown up. It won't be long until he'll be starting college. (*cue the waterworks*)

And this is what you get when you try to take a picture of a 4th grader. (She really was sweet, she just didn't want me embarrassing her in her skinny jeans, vintage tee, and new converse. Well excu-use me!)

I'm sure they're having a fabulous day, but yes, I'll spend my entire day staring at the clock and checking the website to see what they're doing at that time.

And I really hope Taylor has PE today.


Joey said...

you forgot to mention how freakin' cool Taylor's Nike's are... :)

Lindsey said...

Awww so sweet! You guys are the cutest family, seriously! Love it!

angie said...

Your family is so handsome/pretty! It's so nice when they are excited to go to school. My oldest starts 4th grade, number 3 starts kindergarten and number 2 will be in second grade. I didn't realize our kids were the same ages!

Mighty M said...

Hope they had a GREAT day!! ;-)

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh, that picture of Taylor and your hubby is precious! And Ashton is one hip chica!

Mrs. Buck said...

Love the pictures, what a cute fam you all make! I love it! Hope they had a great first day!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

How great that Taylor was sooo motivated! Way to go!

yep, we had our share of waterworks...3x over...when each of ours started college!

(When ours were in Kindergarten, 1-12th...I admit, that I was forever around at each of their schools...volunteering! glad that they didnt mind me being there haha)

In fact, my current post shows some of our son with some of his elementary teachers! We took a stop on our way driving him back to college in KY). He has grown! Please leave a comment if you get a chance to stop by.)

Blushing hostess said...

My girls are still teeny, I don't look forward to sending them off to school, well done.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

i love the pics! how special that both of you got to take them to school. and don't even talk about college, I'm going to lose it when it's that time ( or even when they go to school)!!

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