Weekend Recap

Monday, June 29, 2009

This weekend was pretty much jam packed.

Friday evening started off great, but went downhill fast, as most Fridays have been doing lately. Joey cooked salmon on the grill and I made loaded mashed potatoes. It was YUM-MY!!

The problem with Friday nights is there is just nothing to do. Nothing to watch on TV and I'm too tired to go do anything. So most of the time the kids end up playing outside with their friends and Joey ends up watching some hideous show on the History channel and I end up wanting to hang myself in the closet.

OK, that may be a bit dramatic, but only a bit.

My point? I hate Fridays.

Saturday we took the kids to the water park at Sea World and barely escaped with our lives since it had to be 110 degrees outside. Even in the water park I thought we were going to die.

Speaking of the water park, can anyone explain to me why they make bikinis in sizes they shouldn't or why people insist on swimming fully clothed? I'm talking capri pants and t-shirts. I understand wearing a shirt over your suit, but fully clothed?? Come one!

Talk amongst yourselves - then comment, of course!

Then Saturday night we dropped the kids off at the grandparents and headed out on a date - in the air conditioning. After watching an episode on the food channel earlier that day about sea food, we hit up Red Lobster for, what else, lobster! YUM!

I obviously needed some entertainment while we waited for our food...

I.Love.Him. He's the silliest man I know and is always making me laugh. I don't know what I would do without him. Our waiter literally had to wait to put our salad and bread down because Joey wasn't quite done. LOL.

After dinner we saw Transformers which was really good, but also disappointing that they can't seem to make a movie like that, that we can take our son to. It's based on a cartoon. Why would you need to add all the sexual innuendo and language? Irritating.

Sunday was bright and early to church because Joey and I were on for worship. If you don't know, Joey plays the guitar (and sings) and I sing on the worship team. We had two services at the downtown campus, which makes for a long day!

We tried to take a nap that afternoon, but the kids absolutely refused to let that happen. God love 'em.

Then last night our church recorded their 3rd live worship cd/dvd at the main campus and I couldn't miss it! It was amazing!! Here's a pic... (from my phone - sorry so blurry)

I've heard the debate that churches with bands and lights and non-traditional music certainly can't invoke the presence of God. I wish people who thought that would come to my church. I'm sure there are churches out there who are more concerned with the "show" than bringing people into the presence of God. My church is certainly not one of them. Last nights worship experience was amazing.

The perfect ending to a hectic weekend!

Happy Monday y'all!


Lindsey said...

Gotta love amazing worship nights at church, there is def nothing like it!=)

Isabelle said...

OMG Joey's faces are hilarious!!!

About the bikinis you know what I think. I think they should show What not to wear on giant screens in waterpark. Embrace the body you have and dress accordingly...

You church looks like so much fun, no one ever said worship should be boring!

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

I hate Fridays for the exact same reason. Yuck.

There's nothing better than an amazing worship experience. That looks just like my church. It gives me goosebumps to be there.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Sea World sounds like fun! It's hot, hot, hot here in the Coastal Empire too!

teeny weeny bikinis? not on my body! ewww, frightening! capri-swim suit? hmmm, it could help. jk

great photos at REd Lobster... hey did you do the "eyeglass" thing too?

Our family loves awesome praise and worship! Our son was on his Teen Praise and Worship team for four years, jammin on the guitar.

Also, I just tagged you on my blog. Hope you decide to post your 10, ...as always-no pressure. Just fun to learn more about a blogger :o)

But if you do join in, please leave a comment.

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