Plan B

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I watched the news last night, which is something I usually don't do. When I do watch the news, I find that generally it only makes me angry.

Last night was certainly no exception.

I was at the gym and because my iPod was completely dead, I was forced to listen to the news as I worked out. That's when I over heard Charles Gibson, from ABC's World News, lead into a story about the "morning after pill."

I don't usually get controversial on my blog, but I'm warning you, here goes...

I stopped dead in my workout and listened to the entire story and was baffled to hear the headline. The FDA has reduced the age limit on buying this "morning after pill," called Plan B (which the name itself makes me want to vomit), to 17. The Bush administration had set the age limit to 18, but evidently that wasn't good enough.

And in case you're not aware, it's an over the counter purchase, like Tylenol. And since it went OTC in 2006, sales have doubled!

Supporters of the drug are, of course, ecstatic about this decision.

I, on the other hand, if you can't tell, am not a supporter, and am not happy about such a ridiculous decision. Whatever happened to teaching our children responsibility? I will first and foremost teach my children that sex is something to be reserved for marriage, but if they choose to have sex outside of marriage, I will certainly make sure they are aware of ALL of the consequences.

Why in the world would we, as a society, create a pill to magically erase poor choices? This is absurd!

And I don't want to get into discussions about rape, because this pill was NOT created for that purpose. And even if it was, the decision to make it OTC and then available to minors has nothing to do with that.

This is about allowing children to do what they want with absolutely no responsibility for their actions.

Oh, and let's not forget that their actions, in this case, is a human life.


(If you'd like to view the story, here is the link to the ABC new page and the story, as of this morning, is on the right sidebar.)

BTW, if you choose to comment, please be respectful. This is my blog, and therefor my beliefs. You are free to comment with your opinions, but if you can't do so respectfully, I ask that you please refrain. No anonymous comments, please.


Isabelle said...

I may not agree on everything 100% but one thing I completely agree with is that by always giving kids an easy way out we are not giving them the proper tools to deal with life and all it's ups and downs. Our actions should always come with consequences good or bad, this is how we learn...

Lindsey said...

I agree with you 100%! It is sickening!!

mama's smitten said...

Totally agree. Freaks me out to think what will be legal by the time my kids are that age. God help us!

Megan said...

I did a lot of research on Plan B because I wanted to know how they could advertise something like that and found that it is not like the RU-486 (aka the abortion pill) from what I understand it is like a high dosage of birth control. Do I believe that it should just be handed out so freely? No. But I do thing that birth control is acceptable. I used the pill for a while and now am on Nuva Ring.

merc3069 said...

That is soooo crazy! I heard that this AM and thought that I had misunderstood. So, to be clear, a 17 yr. old cannot vote, buy a lottery ticket, or serve in the armed forces, but they can pick this up at the local drugstore?!

THE Stephanie said...

True, it's not effective if you're already pregnant, but even for birth control, you need a prescription.

This option is only teaching our children that you can have unprotected sex - it's ok - because you can just go to the store the next morning and buy a pill to take care of it.

It's completely irresponsible of our government to allow such a thing, wouldn't you say?

At least if you have to go tot he doctor, you have a medical professional explaining to you to results and consequences that can occur from having sex.

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

I couldn't agree more with you. You took the words right out of my mouth.

Toni said...

I don't like the pill, I have my thoughts on the whole it doesn't work if your are pg (that is to be argued depending on when someone thinks life begins) but that is a whole other post LOL

I too agree with what you said 100%. I do not by any means think this shoudl be over the counter.

MamaMia said...

Amen Sister! Things are getting very scary out there. God help us.

Rachel said...

This boggles my mind; what is wrong with parents? Educate your children; be involved...teach consequences. Its so wrong; yet to buy Sudafed you have to show your drivers license because kids are abusing it and make Meth with it!!! UGGGGGGHHHHH I'm there with you girlfriend!

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