The Home Depot High

Monday, March 2, 2009

We don't usually spend our date night at Home Depot, but earlier on Saturday, Joey had gone to buy a replacement part for the upstairs toilet and new drip pans for the stove burners.

Of course, when he got home the drip pans didn't fit, so after dinner we went back to exchange them.

This is what we saw as we were leaving the "drip pan" aisle.

Seriously? Craper & Pad Combo? In the midst of our intense laughter - and I do mean intense - Joey did manage to find the "S".

There's something about Home Depot and men. The store just makes them crazy.

When we first walked in, Joey wanted to buy a $1500 riding lawnmower.

We own a garden home and he currently cuts the entire lawn - front and back - with his weed eater in less than 30 minutes.

As we were about to check out, he remembered that the dryer vent had a hole in it so he wanted to get some duct tape. We found the duct tape and he grabbed 2 rolls. I asked him why he got 2 rolls and his answer? "I haven't had any duct tape in a while. I've been deprived. I just want some duct tape."

Really? Is this a male need?

Then he tried to convince me that we needed some heavy duty cleaner.

I had to get him out of there. I think the place is drugged. Look at him.

He's clearly on a Home Depot high.


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Mr. Guru wants to go to home depot all the time! We don't even have a house yet! I am scared to see what happens when we do!

Rachel said...

Too funny!!! At least you made the most of it at Home Depot on your date night and had some good times like this!

Blogalicious Designs said...

haha you said crapper and pad...

mama's smitten said...

Did he have a hang over the next morning ? HEE HEE ! Don't you love a handy man!! Just wanted to say thanks for the Give Away!I Love my button!:)

Jenny.Lee said...

that's hilarious! zane gets like that when we go to the apple store.

Grand Pooba said...

LOL I think you're right! Home Depot has to put something in thier air ducts or something that makes men go on a shopping spree!

Joey said...

as I recall, I walked around countless stores looking for you a new purse - so just shush!

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