A rude awakening

Monday, January 12, 2009

Saturday Joey had to go to a work meeting. He left me sleeping soundly, nice and snuggled in our warm, soft, cozy bed.

Picture it.

At 8:30 I was rudely awakened by a 4.5 foot tall cute little girl demanding french toast for breakfast. (Ok, so she didn't demand. She asked very sweetly.)

Picture it.

Once I cleared the fog from my head, checked the clock (8:30??? What the heck???), and asked her what in the world she was doing asking for french toast at 8:30 on a Saturday morning, I reminded her that I don't cook - at least not without the smoke detectors going off.

"But I don't want cereal or Pop-Tarts." she said.

Well, that's a good reason, I guess. So I got my lazy body out of bed and made the sweet thing some french toast.

I didn't even set off the smoke detectors. Pretty good, I think. (However, I did master the art of making french toast while I was pregnant with Taylor. I craved that and ice water.)

I think she was happy. Score one for mom.

**Now before you all go calling CPS on me for sleeping until 8:30 and expecting my children to get their own breakfast, you should know that they are usually not here on Saturday morning. They spend the night at their Great Grandparents every Friday night. (Don't hate.) BUT, when they are here, I have worked very hard at raising self-sufficient children.

Well, at least children who can pour their own cereal.


Rachel said...

We are the same way; Hubby has been getting up early on weekends cause Mr. Brutus has to go outside...so I normally sleep til 9...ok 9:30 but Hubby worked out this Saturday and I had to make eggs...my kids didn't want cereal either LOL

Lindsey said...

The french toast looks amazing!

Savvy Mode SG said...

you lucky gal.... my sister would kill to have grandparents take the kids every friday... : )

Isabelle said...

I hope you also gave her some maple syrup! You need that if you're having french toast!!!!

blessedmomto7 said...

Sleeping til 8:30? SOUNDS LIKE A DREAM TO ME..AND only being woke up by 1 kid...ANOTHER DREAM! You gotta learn to cook sister :) LOL Maybe Steph can teach you?

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

That was sweet of you! Such a great photo!

Lo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lace said...

I give you major props for even bothering to open your eyes at that time on a Saturday morning! I plan on setting up my kitchen in a way that my (future)children can get to everything they might need before I get out of bed! NO SHAME! lol

Lo said...

girl, you sleep all you want. Ashton & Taylor is old enough to be responsible!! and kudos to you, you win mom of the year. :) or at least, mom of saturday morning breakfast. i am so jealous, i want french toast!!

Vern ~ Inspired said...

mmm...sounds good...maybe I will make french toast for dinner this week!

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