My Isabelle Resolution

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our friend Isabelle is coming to visit. This Isabelle. Drop dead gorgeous, fitness model Isabelle.

I have no idea when, but she says she's coming, so it must be true.

Last night I told Joey I was getting my lazy butt back to the gym. He asked if it was because Izzy was coming to visit.


I could deny it, but I would just be lying. And what's the point of that.

Yes, I usually workout on a regular basis. Yes, I've been a complete slacker over the holidays and since Joey started his new job and since I started going to this new gym. I hate it. There are boys there. And it's way too crowded.

But Izzy's coming. No excuse is good enough to stop that plane.

Anyway, back to my story. See, Izzy also made a resolution. A "Stephanie Resolution". She totally didn't need this resolution, but for some reason she felt compelled and I told her that when she came to visit we'd go shopping for more of these "Stephanie Resolution" clothes.

I think I may have to step away from the Mexican food (wish me luck) and just learn to ignore the stupid boys at the gym.

Did you see her picture? I'm in serious trouble.


Isabelle said...

LMAO!!!!! OMG I almost died! This morning while walking to work I was thinking to myself that after we're done shopping we should go for a mani/pedi and mexican food. I was also thinking we could workout together so that works perfect (I like to plan can you tell lol) Ashton could come with us! BTW ignore the boys at the gym they are probably more intimidated by you than you are by them.

Rachel said...

You are drop dead gorgeous girl!!!

sassy stephanie said...

Oh man. I hate these types! I'm married to one of them! He was a body builder in college. Has willpower as strong as iron. Me, not so much. I so love hearing him say "uh oh, losing weight...better hit the gym".

Lump said...

uh what? I think you are HOT. and your husband is a lucky man, if I say so myself.

and hey, just eat diet Mexican food. ;)

MamaMia said...

Haven't been to the gym consistently since the half marathon. Uh, yes, that would be back in mid-November. Yikes! Then Thanksgiving and Christmas and all that food and dessert! Eek! So, why don't you send Isabelle over to my place after your visit. Yeah, yeah, I know I don't know her, but I'm sure she will motivate me.

And, I really don't think that's fair to the Mexican food to just step away...I'm just sayin'...

Haley said...

you are too funny! i am sure that you are a lot of your other friends' "Izzy"

staying away from mexican food? GET REAL! ha ha

Grand Pooba said...

too funny! you are as skinny as they come already girl!

mama's smitten said...

Hey there! I'm new to the blog world . But you make it look like so much fun ! Just signed up to follow your blog. It's so sweet! So Funny. I love the whole my husband rocks . I think I gonna go for it! Thanks for sharing!

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

Stupid boys are definitely a legit reason to avoid the gym. Especially the weights area. :-)

amy (metz) walker said...

You are SO not in are gorgeous!

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