"My Husband Rocks" Friday

Friday, January 30, 2009

We got a new coffee maker. Well actually I don't think you can call it a coffee maker. I think it would be offended, grow legs, get up off the counter and walk out of our house to find a home who fully appreciated it.

So let me start again.

We got a Nespresso Machine.

I love it with all my heart. Well, with the tiny bits of my heart that aren't taken up with love for the one and only person who knows how to work this complex piece of machinery. My husband that rocks.

Joey makes the best lattes ever with this fabulous Nespresso machine. I mean, he makes them so well, that I haven't even missed my addiction to Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha (non-fat no whip). And that's really saying something. Because I am a complete coffee snob.

And I'm not afraid to admit it.

Joey has started to make me a latte almost every morning, but sometimes, he makes it too early - while I'm still putting on my make-up and fixing my hair - and you know, I can't multi-task. So last night I requested that he bump the latte-making time closer to my departure time.

His response?

"Oh, certainly, my queen!"

Now I know that may sound a bit sarcastic and patronizing. But for the sake of this post, I choose to believe that he was 92.5% sincere.

And after his early departure this morning - and my attempt to make my own latte (which was a complete and total failure) - I'm truly hoping that he was sincere and will return to his latte making duties tomorrow.


mamas smitten said...

Oh that is sweet! What a great way to start you day! BTW , I saw your new blog designs! Awesome! I'm so tryng to justify spending money on melf!!!!Maybe Valentines day???Pray for me :)!!

Rachel said...

Steph you are hilarious! But seriously what was Joey thinking leaving you alone with that machine...send him a lil text and tell him you couldn't make it through your day today without the latte; you miss the LOVE he puts in it!

Lindsey said...

HAHAHA! You crack me up, but I hope he makes you a nice latte tomorrow!

blessedmomto7 said...

What A BEAUTY!!! One day, I too will STEP UP and get myself one! Glad you have one-COFFEE MAKES MY DAY!

Katy Lin :) said...

that is amazing! i hope you guys have a great weekend! :)

Joey said...

oh, honey, you know I will be your personal "starbucks", heck I might even find some white chocolate syrup to put in it for you :) I love you!! I'm just glad you have come down of your coffee snob high horse enough to drink coffee at home with your husband!!

MamaMia said...

not a coffee drinker...can't appreciate the new machine. but don't hold that against me...still be my blog buddy. ;)

Toni said...

bonus points for your hubby! If I had not just got the Keurig to review I would be showing my hubby this post right now LOL

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