Family fun night

Monday, January 26, 2009

We have this tradition we call "Family Fun Day". It's generally nothing huge, but the kids love it and we usually try to have FFD every weekend.

This weekend we were quite busy, as Ashton has started winter volleyball, so it turned into Family Fun Night - at Chuck E. Cheese. When we go to CEC, we always split up - one parent with one child - and this time it was Taylor and me.

So forgive me for not having pics of the rest of the family, but I wasn't with them much (unless we were stuffing our faces with pizza, and that doesn't make for very good pictures!).

Taylor LOVED the flying bicycle, as you can tell.

But most of the time he spent playing Deal or No Deal. He was determined to win tons of tickets, so he pretty much planted himself here.

Very, very exciting!! (Seriously, could he be any cuter?)

All in all, it was a successful Family Fun Night. Joey and Ashton has lots of fun, too. I promise.


Lindsey said...

Love that you guys have family fun night! You guys are such a cute family!

Rachel said...

First of all what a great picture of the both of you.

How fun is FFD!!! That is a great tradition!

FYI I WON a new blog makeover from a giveaway that The Pink Potpourri was having. I wanted you to know that otherwise I would have come to Blogalicious Designs as I told you before I would have you make me over; but money is tight and can't spend the money on my blog right now...hence why I had the free one up until all this time. I just wanted you to know I won it; I won't forget my girl Steph when I need one and can pay for it :)

Haley said...

that is so sweet. you all seem like awesome parents! happy monday

sassy stephanie said...

Oh you're good. I steer clear of that place at all costs!

Lump said...

oh his face is priceless in the third photo! way too cute!

Megan said...

I love that deal or no deal game..We recently attended our nephews bday party that had an arcade room and that's where I stayed too!!

Isabelle said...

He's just adorable! How cute is that pic of the two of you.

So did you get new shoes? How did Joey's shoot go?

mama's smitten said...

Sounds like Fun Times! I know my kids luv that place! Hey I have a luvly award waiting for you at my blog!

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