10 reasons why I hate to go to the dentist

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

  1. The scraping. I can't stand the scraping noise.
  2. Water splashing in my face. I'm not in the pool, or the shower, so there shouldn't be water splashing in my face! Control your little water sprayer, please!
  3. The sound of the tooth polisher. It's more like something from a horror flick.
  4. Biting down on the X-ray film. Ouch!!
  5. One time I went in just fine, and left with 2 stitches in my eye brow. Yes, I said my eye brow.
  6. The dentist trying to carry on a full conversation with me while he has both his hands in my mouth. Seriously. Has he never been to the dentist before?
  7. Again, the sounds. I can't stand them. I should bring my iPod.
  8. Back to the scraping. Can't you scrap without it actually feeling like you're going to pull a tooth out with that tool of torture?
  9. When you fill my mouth with blood, could you please rinse?
  10. Did I mention that I once went to the dentist perfectly fine, and left with 2 - count them 2! - stitches in my eyebrow? Yes. It's true.


Jenster said...

Ha! That is really funny. Interestingly enough, I too had to visit with the dentist this past Monday. Saturday morning, as I was eating breakfast my crown broke. My really good friend has worked for a dentist for like the past 17 years, so I always get seen pretty quick. Anyway, I went in Monday morning to have the work needed done. Here's the funny part, go to http://www.dentistasanantonio.com/
and click on "Doctors" then click on Spencer Wyrick's photo. Watch as his photo slowly fades and his patient magically appears...which is me from Monday. Apparently they were taking new pics for their website. Anyway, if you ever need to switch dentists....Allyn loves Dr. Campos and she even stood in his wedding.
take care!

michelle said...

Yes! Why must they ask you questions when you clearly cannot answer without sounding ridiculous! I hear you :)

mama's smitten said...

Yeah, The Dentist is not my favorite person. Why can't adults have cool dentist . You know the ones who give out cool sunglasses toothbrushes, stickers, little plastic toys.Maybe they could subsitute the toys for a glass of wine, a pedicure and a massage!Hey by the way don't forget to pick up the luvly award I have waiting for you!

Rachel said...

Oh I dread going...all the things you mentioned so true; you would think after all these years and modern medicine the scraper etc would be better and not hurt us so much. I need a $3000 implant...uggghhhh

Tiffany Crawford said...

do you know that dentists have a higher rate of suicide than other professions??? It's probably because everyone hates them! I would think over time it would be hard to not take it personally.

Megan said...

Haha, I HATE going to the dentist. In fact I have been putting it off for quite some time now. I put the dentist't office on speed dial so when they call and tell me I really need to come in I just don't answer!!

Isabelle said...

I didn't mind the dentist until the day he pulled out the wrong tooth!!!!

I'm pretty sure you know my next questions is coming but how did you end up with stiches????

Lindsey said...

Oh I hate everything you listed too!
Stitches?! Oh my word!

sassy stephanie said...

Oh and how about the smells? Something about the office smell. In any dentist's office. Makes my stomach turn.

Mighty M said...

I despise the scraping noise. It was particularly bad at my last appointment a couple weeks ago. Good idea on the ipod, but then you really have trouble when they try to "talk" to you. Not only can you not respond, but you have to read lips too!

MamaMia said...

yes, yes, tell us why you needed stitches...what happened, did you faint and hit your eyebrow?

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