"My Husband Rocks" Friday

Friday, January 30, 2009

We got a new coffee maker. Well actually I don't think you can call it a coffee maker. I think it would be offended, grow legs, get up off the counter and walk out of our house to find a home who fully appreciated it.

So let me start again.

We got a Nespresso Machine.

I love it with all my heart. Well, with the tiny bits of my heart that aren't taken up with love for the one and only person who knows how to work this complex piece of machinery. My husband that rocks.

Joey makes the best lattes ever with this fabulous Nespresso machine. I mean, he makes them so well, that I haven't even missed my addiction to Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha (non-fat no whip). And that's really saying something. Because I am a complete coffee snob.

And I'm not afraid to admit it.

Joey has started to make me a latte almost every morning, but sometimes, he makes it too early - while I'm still putting on my make-up and fixing my hair - and you know, I can't multi-task. So last night I requested that he bump the latte-making time closer to my departure time.

His response?

"Oh, certainly, my queen!"

Now I know that may sound a bit sarcastic and patronizing. But for the sake of this post, I choose to believe that he was 92.5% sincere.

And after his early departure this morning - and my attempt to make my own latte (which was a complete and total failure) - I'm truly hoping that he was sincere and will return to his latte making duties tomorrow.

10 reasons why I hate to go to the dentist

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

  1. The scraping. I can't stand the scraping noise.
  2. Water splashing in my face. I'm not in the pool, or the shower, so there shouldn't be water splashing in my face! Control your little water sprayer, please!
  3. The sound of the tooth polisher. It's more like something from a horror flick.
  4. Biting down on the X-ray film. Ouch!!
  5. One time I went in just fine, and left with 2 stitches in my eye brow. Yes, I said my eye brow.
  6. The dentist trying to carry on a full conversation with me while he has both his hands in my mouth. Seriously. Has he never been to the dentist before?
  7. Again, the sounds. I can't stand them. I should bring my iPod.
  8. Back to the scraping. Can't you scrap without it actually feeling like you're going to pull a tooth out with that tool of torture?
  9. When you fill my mouth with blood, could you please rinse?
  10. Did I mention that I once went to the dentist perfectly fine, and left with 2 - count them 2! - stitches in my eyebrow? Yes. It's true.

Family fun night

Monday, January 26, 2009

We have this tradition we call "Family Fun Day". It's generally nothing huge, but the kids love it and we usually try to have FFD every weekend.

This weekend we were quite busy, as Ashton has started winter volleyball, so it turned into Family Fun Night - at Chuck E. Cheese. When we go to CEC, we always split up - one parent with one child - and this time it was Taylor and me.

So forgive me for not having pics of the rest of the family, but I wasn't with them much (unless we were stuffing our faces with pizza, and that doesn't make for very good pictures!).

Taylor LOVED the flying bicycle, as you can tell.

But most of the time he spent playing Deal or No Deal. He was determined to win tons of tickets, so he pretty much planted himself here.

Very, very exciting!! (Seriously, could he be any cuter?)

All in all, it was a successful Family Fun Night. Joey and Ashton has lots of fun, too. I promise.

"My Husband Rocks" Friday

Friday, January 23, 2009

Before I can get into today's MHR post, I must address the obvious issue at hand - my extended blogging absence.

Haven't you all been worried about me? Has anyone sent out a search party?

Well, call them back, because I'm alive. Now.

But earlier in the week I was seriously "knock, knock, knockin' on heavens' door." And I don't mean in a good way. I mean in the way that I sincerely thought Joey would be cashing in on my life insurance.

But all is well now, so let's talk about what a fabulous hubby I have, okay??

Ah, my hubby. Such a hottie. Yeah, this weeks installment is completely superficial, but that's ok.

You see, Joey didn't realize he aspired to be a model. But I found this picture that was taken several years ago when he was already perfecting the "Blue Steel".

Magnificent! I can see now that it was that moment that led him to his upcoming modeling career. It didn't even take much practice. I just pointed the camera and this is what I got. It's like he was born for this.

Tomorrow is his first paying gig. That's right. Momma needs a new pair of shoes.

Ok, ok. Daddy needs a new TV. Fine.

Wish him luck, ladies!

I love you baby!! You're gonna do great! (Can I quit my job yet?)

I LIVE for moments like this...

Monday, January 19, 2009

I know my children love each other.

Deep, deep down.

But most of the time they fight like cats and dogs.

Rabid cats and dogs.

So when I don't hear fighting, but rather peace and quiet, I naturally think that one of them has killed the other. I mean, it's only a matter of time.

I kid, I kid.

Yesterday, amazingly, there was peace and quiet, but no blood shed. Only dominoes.

And a little acrobatics by Taylor. So sweet.

Don't you wish every day could be like this?

My Isabelle Resolution

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our friend Isabelle is coming to visit. This Isabelle. Drop dead gorgeous, fitness model Isabelle.

I have no idea when, but she says she's coming, so it must be true.

Last night I told Joey I was getting my lazy butt back to the gym. He asked if it was because Izzy was coming to visit.


I could deny it, but I would just be lying. And what's the point of that.

Yes, I usually workout on a regular basis. Yes, I've been a complete slacker over the holidays and since Joey started his new job and since I started going to this new gym. I hate it. There are boys there. And it's way too crowded.

But Izzy's coming. No excuse is good enough to stop that plane.

Anyway, back to my story. See, Izzy also made a resolution. A "Stephanie Resolution". She totally didn't need this resolution, but for some reason she felt compelled and I told her that when she came to visit we'd go shopping for more of these "Stephanie Resolution" clothes.

I think I may have to step away from the Mexican food (wish me luck) and just learn to ignore the stupid boys at the gym.

Did you see her picture? I'm in serious trouble.

A rude awakening

Monday, January 12, 2009

Saturday Joey had to go to a work meeting. He left me sleeping soundly, nice and snuggled in our warm, soft, cozy bed.

Picture it.

At 8:30 I was rudely awakened by a 4.5 foot tall cute little girl demanding french toast for breakfast. (Ok, so she didn't demand. She asked very sweetly.)

Picture it.

Once I cleared the fog from my head, checked the clock (8:30??? What the heck???), and asked her what in the world she was doing asking for french toast at 8:30 on a Saturday morning, I reminded her that I don't cook - at least not without the smoke detectors going off.

"But I don't want cereal or Pop-Tarts." she said.

Well, that's a good reason, I guess. So I got my lazy body out of bed and made the sweet thing some french toast.

I didn't even set off the smoke detectors. Pretty good, I think. (However, I did master the art of making french toast while I was pregnant with Taylor. I craved that and ice water.)

I think she was happy. Score one for mom.

**Now before you all go calling CPS on me for sleeping until 8:30 and expecting my children to get their own breakfast, you should know that they are usually not here on Saturday morning. They spend the night at their Great Grandparents every Friday night. (Don't hate.) BUT, when they are here, I have worked very hard at raising self-sufficient children.

Well, at least children who can pour their own cereal.

The happiest boy in the world

Friday, January 9, 2009

Yes, I know. It's just a few remnants of the snow that fell earlier that morning as we were on the long drive up to Amarillo. And on that drive, Taylor told me that snow wasn't real.

He's 5 and has never seen it before. So let me just tell you how happy I was that there was still some on the ground.

But I wasn't half as happy as he was.

When we pulled up to my uncle's house and went inside, the first thing my uncle said to the kids was, "Would you like to see an icicle?"

Taylor was super excited. Ashton was less than thrilled.

Taylor even brought part of it back in the house to show me. He was smiling from ear to ear, his face was red and cold, and he was so happy. It was quite a sight to see.

And then my uncle took him in the backyard to an area that had been shaded by his shed all day - which meant the snow still hadn't melted. Taylor has never been so excited in his entire life.

And he's a pretty excitable little boy.

He picked up handfuls of snow and brought it to me in sheer amazement. I honestly think he thought snow wasn't real.

The best part? When we woke up the next morning there was still some snow that hadn't melted, so Taylor was back out there doing the exact same thing.

Can you even imagine him at a ski resort in Colorado?

Who invented Show & Tell anyway??

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It must be someone with a child who doesn't care about Show & Tell.

Or someone with a child who can take the same stuffed animal every week and be perfectly content.

Or maybe someone who's child's school doesn't even have Show & Tell.

Or possibly someone who doesn't even have a child.

Yes, that must be it.

Because it certainly wasn't someone who has a child with the mind of a steel trap like my child. No, I would not have invented a horrid thing like Show & Tell where my precious child insists on bringing a new toy every week to school.

Oh, and it's not just once a week. It's twice a week. Because they can't leave out the kids that only come on Tuesday and Thursday.

And the toy has to DO something, mommy.

And I can't bring THAT toy. I took THAT one on May 23, 2006.

And I can't take THAT one because it doesn't DO anything.

Yes, it's a wonder I make it through it every week with out committing myself to a mental institution over this wonderful event.

Who would join me in starting a petition to ban Show & Tell?

The Bicycle Incident

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Joey bought me a new Jeep Commander for Christmas.

Santa brought Ashton a new bike for Christmas.

I know how to drive my Jeep Commander.

I thought Ashton knew how to ride her new bike. Well, she knew how to ride it. She didn't know how to stop it.

So she used the tail end of my new Jeep.

After I made sure she was ok, I told her that she always needed to stay in control of her bike and never throw her legs out and scream at the top of her lungs.

"Always keep your feet on the peddles and stay calm," I told her.

"I did Mom. I promise!!" She said with all the attitude of a hormonal sixteen year old.

Sure you did, baby girl. Sure you did.

Christmas in review

Monday, January 5, 2009

Santa was pretty good this year, if I do say so myself! The kids were pretty happy and had no complaints, which is rare, as we all know!

Here's Taylor with a new drum set he got from his Memaw & Pepaw... which will happily remain at their house. Call me a horrible mother if you wish, but we warned them before they bought it - and he spends every Friday night over there. So I'll let them get the headaches.

Santa brought both the kids Nintendo DS's. This was the best thing Santa has ever done - again, if I do say so myself. Especially since Santa took them on a 9 hour road trip to Amarillo.

Santa is a very smart cookie!

Grandpa and Lynda scored big points with Ashton with an all-science Christmas. Crazy, I know. But she LOVED it! A microscope, magic rocks, and a globe that also shows the constellations when you turn off the lights. Pretty cool, huh?

Grandpa and the kiddos

Santa also happened to find a Nintendo Wii, which is a big hit for the whole family. In fact I won a 10 minute massage by beating Joey at bowling the other night. It's not just for the us though, I swear. We have so much fun playing as a family. If you don't have one, and you can get one, you really should. It's a blast!

You've heard about Ashton's new bike... it did survive the crash into my new car. More on that later, I promise. It's absolutely hysterical.

Taylor got his first pair of Heeley's and just learned to use them yesterday - which also lead to learning to tie his own shoes. What a big boy!

I guess that does it for now. More tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

D'ya miss me??

Friday, January 2, 2009

I hope so! I missed all of you!

I'm sure you're all wondering where in blogland have I been. Well.... hold it.... hold it....


Yes, I said it. The great city of Amarillo. My birth place. But I must tell you, something has gone seriously wrong. I mean, I took my laptop with every intention of keeping in touch with the blog world. I thought I would just head over to a nearby Starbucks, sip on my favorite cup of coffee, and keep you all up to date on the hip happenings of my family vacay (minus the hott hubby... he had to work).

But I got to Amarillo... and there were no Starbucks. My cousin told me she had never even had Starbucks. It was a very sad time for me. But I pushed through... just without telling you all about it.

Forgive me?

Don't worry, I'll be back. I have lots to tell you.

... about how I got a new car... and then my daughter crashed her brand new bike into it giving it it's first scratch when it was only 3 days old.

... about how Taylor saw snow for the first time in his 5 year old life. I've never seen him happier.

Yeah, I've got plenty of material for you... stick around!

Oh, and Happy New Year!

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