Thanksgiving Merry-Go-Round

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving for us is like a never ending marry-go-round - one house to the other. It never stops. The longest we're ever in one place is for the Cowboy game.

First we go to Joey's grandparent's house to celebrate with them and his mom. And the best stuffing and sweet potatoes on the planet. Luckily I'm learning to make them.

Taylor is in constant need of attention, so he and Memaw passed the time with "fixed" game of checkers.

Then Taylor beat daddy at Uno. I don't think this one was fixed. I just think daddy stinks at Uno. What do you think, Taylor?

Yum. Almost time to throw down some turkey.

Now for the good part. Ashton LOVES buttermilk pie. She looks forward to it all year. Seriously, she asks about it all year long, but the problem is, it should really be called sugar and butter pie, so you can see why I only make it once a year.

Yeah, she's a little dramatic about her pie... (BTW, she's fainting not dying...)

Taylor, on the other hand, isn't a pie eater, but his daddy convinced him to try his favorite pie - pumpkin pie. He actually liked it. I'm so proud!

We KNOW Joey likes it!!

Next on the merry-go-round is my parents house. This is the largest gathering, as we have my parents (and their dog), my brother, his wife and kids & their exchange student (and their dog), and my SIL's mom. It was a full house.

Other than the food, the most important part of this stop was the Cowboy game. WOO HOO!!

Here are my parents - and their dog, Ditto.

I have to say, one of the things I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving is God's provision for my family. While we were at my parents house watching the game, Taylor was running through the house like 5 year old boys do. My mom was in the kitchen adjusting some things in the oven and had the oven door open, when Taylor came running as fast as he could around the corner and fell right onto the open oven door.

God was surely watching over him because when he should have, at the very least, come away with some sort of burn, bruise, scrape - SOMETHING! - he was completely unharmed. My very over dramatic little boy jumped up, turned around and went on about his playing.

Thank you God for protecting my baby.

After this, we stuffed ourselves silly with more food than humanly possible and rolled ourselves to our next location.

Next on the merry-go-round, Joey's dad's house. You may remember it as the house where my children like to pretend they're dogs. It was no different this time, I just don't have the pictures to prove it. My FIL does though, maybe after reading this, he'll send them to me :)

Not much eating here, just a piece of pie and lots of catching up. The kids ran like mice on the treadmill and then passed out by the front door. Literally. I know sometimes when people say "literally" they don't mean "literally". I mean literally. Joey had to carry all 69 pounds of Ashton to the car.

All in all it was a wonderful Thanksgiving. Until I went completely out of my mind and set my alarm clock for 3:30am the next morning.

More on that tomorrow.


Lindsey said...

What a sweet post! And I adore the pictures!!!

Rachel said...

Ashton is toooo cute fainting over the pie!!! And thank God Taylor didn't get hurt.

So 3:30 eh? some Black Friday shopping???

Perksofbeingme said...

I love love love the picture of Taylor playing uno. I love how he's lying on his dad. It's priceless. What a great thanksgiving.

Lo said...

you crazy girl!!! black friday shopping?? wow. you are definitely braver than i!!!

and thank god your son was okay. that is honestly the SCARIEST thing to me... being a parent and not being able to stop potentially bad things from happening. good to have faith :)

Lump said...

your family is so beautiful. and what a thanksgiving you all had!! SOOOO BUSY!!

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