"My Husband Rocks" Friday

Friday, December 19, 2008

My hubby rocks because even after we had a fight last night about a car charger for my phone, he still went to the mall and got it for me.

This is funny. Here's the story.

So last night I asked Joey if he would get a car charger for my phone the next time he was at the mall. (He's in outside sales... sometimes he goes to the mall.) I have the new Rant and I can't find a charger for it anywhere, and I refuse to pay a million dollars for it at the Sprint store.

Joey told me that the people at the Kiosk at the mall wouldn't know which one it was unless he had my phone with him. We had a "heated discussion" in which I thought they would, he KNEW they wouldn't, I told him to forget it, I would just get it myself, we made up (45 minutes later), and that was that.

Seriously, it's just a car charger, right?

So 10 minutes ago, this is the text conversation I had with my wonderful husband:

Him: Got your stupid car charger! :P

Me: LOL ha ha ha ha ha

Me: I love being right :P

Him: Shut your mouth when you talk to me

(That's an inside joke... we say that to each other all the time and just die laughing!!)

Me: ha ha ha ha ha

Yeah, as you can tell, I find this VERY funny. I just love my husband. And he rocks!

I love you baby! Thanks for trying, even though you KNEW you wouldn't be able to get it!! LOL


Lump said...

I bet even your arguments/fights are SO CUTE.

you two make me sick.

dying of cuteness over here. ;)

Katy Lin :) said...

lol! you guys crack me up! - austin and i have fights like that, but i'm usually the one who ends up being wrong :S

Joey said...

wow... i figured you would say SOMETHING about the non-fat, no whip, white chocolate mocha I brought you out of nowhere... instead, it's all about how YOU were right!? hope you liked your coffee cuz its the last one you'll ever have from me!!!

Joey said...

you do know i was kidding - right?

THE Stephanie said...

Well, sheesh, honey... I'm glad you said you were kidding 'cuz that was kinda harsh! LOL

I would have posted about the WCM, but this was much funnier :)

You know I love you!!!

amy (metz) walker said...

Cute! Sounds like a convo that might happen at our house! Have a great holiday!

Rachel said...

This is tooo funny! Don't ya just love it when they are wrong once...ok a couple times!

And WCM; I got one of these today after our convo about them and asked for a non fat non whip white chocolate mocha (because normally I get them full fat full whip) and the barista at Starbucks told me he couldn't make it totally non fat just 1/3 less fat? What does this mean; how many calories did I consume and it didn't taste as great as I remember them...Help a girl out Steph; do you have a special barista at your finger tips taking out all the fat...or did this guy not know what he was doing? Granted it was a Starbucks inside Target but still they get training right?

Scary Mommy said...

You two are way too cute, LOL!

(And your new (new-ish?) profile pic is gorgeous!!!)

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my god, my husband and I say the same thing too!

You shut your mouth when you're talkin to me!

Ha! I love it!

I've got you entered 4 times in the contest...good luck!

sassy stephanie said...

Oh I love it. My hubby and I are BFFs and constantly joke around with each other as well.

So, where in the great state are you? Can you believe, after snow, we got back up to the mid 70s? Today it is 76 and tomorrow's high is low 40s! Crazy Texas weather!

HipMomma said...

You guys are too cute!

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