"My Husband Rocks" Friday

Friday, December 5, 2008

I bet Joey's been waiting all week for me to sing his praises on this one. He absolutely HATES putting up the Christmas lights. He dreads it all year. No joke.

Wait, hate is not a strong enough word. How about loath? Yeah, loath is much better.

He loathes putting up the Christmas lights. But I love having the house decorated and coming home from work everyday to see the house all lit up - because you better believe we have a million extension cords running to however many timers - yeah, I know, we're a huge fire hazard I'm sure. But hey, I love it. And that what matters.

This year, this is what I got.

A husband and son who not only put up the Christmas lights, but trimmed the tree before they did it. What the?

Now, in my heart of hearts, I know it had something to do with the brand-spankin' new truck Joey bought the day before. He had the urge to do some haulin'. (Which, hey, if it causes him to trim the trees, clean out the garage, and make 4 trips to Goodwill with all of the junk from the kids rooms that I cleaned out that week, more power to him!)

But I'm also choosing to believe it was because he wanted the lights to look super fab for me.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have done this.

And this.

And finally created this.

Have I mentioned I LOVE Christmas?< And my fabulous-Christmas-light-hanging husband? Yeah, he rocks. I know. (By the way, honey, any idea how that reindeer got to the other side of the house?)


Diva Ma said...

we haven't gotten around to the lights yet. Maybe this weekend. I look forward to seeing hubs struggle on the roof.

Katy Lin :) said...

wow! your house looks amazing! joey totally rocks! :)

Jo Ann said...

Too bad I can't find our lights - must still be as Jason's - or I'd ask your wonderful hubby and my favorite son-in-law to make my house look like the model I see in that picture!

Rachel said...

It looks fabulous! Who moved the reindeer?

The truck looks great...congrats!

And PS I freak out when hubby gets on the roof; I watch his every move and here is Joey posing on top!!!

Have fun tomorrow!

Lump said...

hahaha those two pics of the hubby are so cute!

the lights turned out GREAT!

Megan said...

Your house looks great!! (And so does Joey's new truck!)

Joey said...

i'm already loathing the thought of taking them all down... and then putting up again next year!!!

But all for you baby, cuz I love you so much!

Miss Anne said...

A) Your husband DOES rock!
B) Your son is adorable
C) Your house looks amazing!

Thanks for your post on my blog!


Liz said...

These are the cutest pics! Especially the ones of him on top of the house, those made me snicker. :) He's truly a sweetheart.

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