How the Grinch stole Christmas

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Until I went to lunch today, I had absolutely nothing for you. The blogging well was dry.

Sure, I could tell you the story of how I almost decapitated my best friends foot with a shopping cart this weekend, but I don't know, I just couldn't get it together. And besides, do you really decapitate a foot? Do you see what I'm up against?

And then I went to lunch. Actually, I went to Toys R Us.

You'd think I would have learned my lesson there, but no. I then went to Best Buy.

Here is where I need some help. Can any of you tell me why it seems that we, the consumers, are the only ones who realize what time of year it is? Uh, that would be Christmas! Biggest shopping season of the year! All I needed to do was make a simple return/exchange and I would be on my way. But instead, I stood in line, Christmas spirit fading by the minute, as I waited behind at least 10 people. All longing to reach the same, lone, incompetent cashier.

Yes, I said it. Incompetent.

You see what happened? Best Buy stole my Christmas cheer.

Darn you Best Buy!


Rachel said...

don't tell me they only had one cashier???

I have been there before; and where is all the cheer; it seems that because the economy is in the crapper everyones spirit is too!

We drove around last night to look at all the Christmas lights...let's just say it didn't take us long...a lot of bah humbugs out there...that hurts my spirit.

Lump said...

awwww just looking at Best Buy steals my Christmas spirit.

did you finally reach your destination? the cashier?

Isabelle said...

I completely understand! I got a vest for my nephew and there was a hole in it so I needed to exchange it. I waited 30 min. in line to be told that I would have to drive 1h30 to exchange it at another store!!!!!!!

Megan said...

Haha! Have you see the commercial for wal-mart where they say they are opening more lanes for Christmas, I am yet to see more lanes open at Wal-mart. Acutally I wish Target would get the memo about opening more lanes!
Merry Christmas!

scargosun said...

You know what is SAD? I actually know why they only had one b/c we are dealing with the same situation at Lottery Yarn. Even though it is the busiest time of the year for retail, they have cut payroll hours by SO much NO ONE can keep up. We didn't hire ANY additional holiday help, that is how bad it is. What is even worse is that although I know this and should be able to sympathize when I go into stores, I STILL get mad too! ;)

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