The dress

Monday, December 8, 2008

Let's be honest. The Christmas party is never about the party itself. It's about the dress. Which is why I could have killed my husband when he told me 4 days before the party that it was semi-formal and I needed a cocktail dress.

I had been asking him for WEEKS to show me an invitation. "Tell me about this party, honey." "What's the dress?" "Show me an invitation, please honey."


Four days before the party, I get this:

"the party is semi-formal. Girls have to wear cocktail dresses - guys, suit and tie. You'll look hot. Love you!"

Ummm... I don't own a cocktail dress and I absolutely loathe shopping for something that I HAVE to find. I can NEVER find it!

Until this time.

Walked into Express. Found the perfect dress. Bought it. On my lunch hour. Done. Thank you!

The party? Well, let's just say most of these people forgot they had to work together on Monday morning. So yeah, it was pretty fun (and by fun, I mean absolutely hysterical).

And I want to marry the Marriott bed. SO. COMFY.

Happy Monday, y'all!


scargosun said...

You look great! I saw those dresses there and thought they were really cute.

Rachel said...

you look AMAZING!!!! The dress looks absolutely perfect...and the shoes are perfect!!!
Joey looks great too...can't forget to mention him LOL

Miss Anne said...

You guys look fabulous!

Merriest Christmas to You!

Megan said...

You all look great!! I love that dress!!

michelle said...

The dress is great, you look fabulous! My husbands party was cancelled, but I have my 15 year high school reunion on the 27th. Need to go get my outfit for that!

Lindsey said...

You look stunning!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Glad you found a cute dress!!

Lo said...

you two are so flippin good looking i'm gonna call you ken and barbie from now on cuz it's just not fair!! :) but you totally rocked the dress girl!!

Jo Ann said...

I love the shoes! You really should use this as your Christmas card. It's a great pix of both of you!

Megan said...

LOVE that dress. You guys are so beautiful!! Glad you had fun - and I am so impressed that you found that dress on your lunch hour. It was meant to be!

Lump said...

you two are one of the hottest couples EVER. no lie. And I love the dress!! Looks like I'm going to Express soon. ;)

MamaMia said...

Smokin' hot couple!

Very impressive that you found an awesome dress under pressure. Woo hoo!

Jenny.Lee said...

Please tell me how you make your hair so gorgeous!

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