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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ok, all my blogging peeps. I need your help.

I need want a new camera for Christmas and I need your advice. My camera is ok, but I'd like to have one that takes much better pictures, yet doesn't cost the balance of the children's college funds.

I see all of the great pics on everyone's blogs and it just makes my pictures look like, well, excuse my language, but... CRAP! I can't take pictures at night without my camera making them look like it's broad daylight. If I turn the flash off, the pictures turn out blurry. It's just a mess.


Send me links to great cameras, but oh, another thing, I would really like it to be small as well. Is that possible? I like to carry it with me everywhere. How else will I capture all of my blogging moments??

So there's your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Please choose to accept it. I'm completely lost without my blogging peeps. Don't make me beg.


Lo said...

girl i am SO glad you posted about this, bc i have the same problem!!!! i want to buy a new camera that isn't you know over $300 but is small and slim and sleek but packs a major punch. kinda like you! :) hehe. anyway. so thank you. i have no words of wisdom, but i AM going to stalk the comments to see what they have to say!

Darcy @ LWM3B said...

Well, you lost me at "college tuition" because the camera I want is worth a year of in-state tuition for just the body, and about a semester's worth of book costs for each lens.

That said - for about $200 I was able to get my 8 yr a sleek, little Olympus Stylus that is 10 or 12 megapixels and pretty decent shots. The pixels matter less than zoom. Consumer Reports also said that the Nikon Coolpix rates well - we bought one as a gift for someone on our Christmas list. And that is even cheaper!

With any point-n-shoot, you'll still not be able to do night shots without a tripod and very still subject... but the Olympus takes short movies and decent photography. I took it with me to San Francisco and all those photos in my blog (July 08) from BlogHer were shot with that camera. They turned out nicely, and only needed a little sharpening in Photoshop.

Here's the post with the photos taken with an Olympus Stylus :


Baird's Blessings said...

Well I have several cameras, and the one that won't send you into debt and is great for quick pics, night shots, beach lighting and sooo much more is the Sony Cyber-shot 7.2 pixels. It also has anti-blur and with kids this is so important since they move so fast!

Good luck! BTW check out MyCharmingKids site (if you haven't already)she is having a drawing for a fab camera and the proceeds go to a great cause!

Haley said...

hello! i have not been blog stalking in a while.. busy with school. It looks like you all have been busy and having a great time :)

For point and shoot cameras, I would definitely suggest the Canon powershot series. I have a lower end one and my best friend has a more expensive one. Everyone I know loves theirs.

For SLR's I am a Nikon girl, but you definitely would not want to carry one of those around with you-- or read the manual.

call me or email me anytime if you have questions :)

Megan said...

Canon/Nikon are great brands. I think if you went to best buy or somewhere of that sort you could tell them what you were looking for and they could show you what would best suit you. Good luck! I just cut off my right arm for a camera...more on that in an upcoming post.

Chris Rasco said...

For a really solid ultra compact check out the Canon SD1100 IS. It's the new version of what we have and it's a great little camera. That said, you'll sacrifice quality for size.

All of my pictures are taken with our SD1000.

Look at the Pixar Play Parade pictures for an example.

emily said...

Just got your email. I'm no help, I'm afraid. I have a big ole Nikon D80 that I love. But it'll cost you and its bulky. It's worth it to me, but sounds like more camera than you're looking for.

I did have a Nikon Coolpix that took great shots and fit in my pocket. Before I dropped it and broke it.

Rachel said...

Girl I am right there with you; have you seen the quality of the pictures on my blog...awful.
I want one of those Nikon ones with the lenses but have no idea how I would use it but I would LOVE to have one and learn!

PS Did you find your shoes?

Lump said...

Friend, I stand by CANON. go for a Canon and you can find the ones that usually are extremely expensive for nothing on Ebay. Also, visit for the best digital camera reviews. :)

good luck on your camera search!!

Toni said...

I have 2 kodak digital cameras! One is a bulkier one that is 10x zoom but the one I keep in my purse for all the time is the m883

Isabelle said...

After my B & E I had to replace my camera and I got the Canon Powershot SD1100 IS ( it comes in pink, blue, gold or silver) it's small enough to fit into my smallest purse and it's really easy to operate and it takes great "night" pics. Plus the LCD screen is quite big so it's easy to see if the pic is good or blury.

Have fun shopping!

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