I'm giving in.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This morning I asked Joey to do something I never thought I'd ask him to do.

I asked him to buy Ashton a cell phone.

Something happened to me when I saw Ashton get on the school bus yesterday. It was like I saw her grow up right before my eyes. And I worried about her my entire drive to work.

I mean, I saw her get on the bus. I waved to her. I waved to the bus driver. But what if something happened? What if she never made it to school? What would she do?

I know, some of it is completely irrational, but c'mon, this is who I left at the bus stop - my 3 year old baby girl.

But this is who was at the bus stop - my 8, almost 9 year old, growing-up-way-too-fast little girl.

How did this happen? Where does the time go?

So, to calm my nerves and to keep my dear hubby from having to check me in to some sort of mental institution, I'm giving in. I'm buying my 8 year old daughter a cell phone.

So help me God if she doesn't abide by the extremely strict rules that will be placed on the use of that cell phone, but yes, I'm buying it. Because if the bus doesn't show up, or should she need me for any reason whatsoever, I need to be only one phone call away.

I love you baby. Please slow down.


Baby Thomas RULES this casa! said...

Awww...i know--time goes by too fast these days...just yesterday i said to a co-worker I remember my mom always saying how fast time goes by once you have kids--and she was soooo right! I'm considering buying a cell phone for Thomas in case he needs me while he is at daycare--hee, hee!

MamaMia said...

I'm all for cell phones with rules for this age. This world has changed and we need to keep tabs on our kiddos as well as have peace of mind.

Rachel said...

We caved a while ago girly so don't feel so bad.
I never wanted Zman to feel alone or scared (he walks or rides his bike...his school is at the end of my street but still). We have Tmobile and have the Faves plan so he has me, daddy, gramma, home and 1 of his friends on the 5 faves plan and we gave him hubby's old phone...well only after his first (2) phones were left in his pants pocket and got washed!!!

Isabelle said...

Don't feel bad, my friend just got her son one of those phones with only 3-4 numbers in case of emergency. It's a smart move!

BTW love the new blog design!

Lump said...

awww too cute. My parents made me get a pager when I was that age. oh technology is so different now. ha! :)

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