The epiphany

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm 31.

There. I said it.

Why this was such an epiphany driving down the highway at lunch today, I have no idea, but needless to say, it completely ruined my entire lunch time.

I was on my way to Old Navy for a little lunch time shopping, but this harsh reality ruined it all. There was nothing cute, and what was cute wasn't in my size.

All because I'm 31.

Yes, I know it's been 44 days since this cruel turn of events. But I think I was blinded to it's effects by the fabulousness that was the "8 Days Of Stephanie". So blinded, in fact, that it hadn't even hit me until today, 44 days later, that not only am I 30, but I'm 31.

The only good thing that came out of this lunch-time epiphany was this:

Some nice cozy slippers. These should make me feel better.

Well, those and some Diet Dr. Pepper and Flipz!


Tracy P. said...

Watch out. Next come the cardigan sweaters a la Mr. Rogers. ;-)

I remember 31 so well--I was very proud that 30 was no big deal and didn't bother me, but somehow 31 hit me like a ton of bricks. Being single didn't help just then.

Now I'm 46, and just getting warmed up. Life is good!

Anyway, I haven't been by here in a long time, but popped in from your comment at Mindless Junque. I love your Christmas decorations!

Enjoy the ride...

Lump said...

I'm 28 and I can't ever find anything at Old Navy. And yep, when I do find something cute, it's never in my size. :(

You look amazing for 31, by the way.

Rachel said...

Girl I feel ya too! I am 31 and ughhh. You do look damn good though...and just remember 30 is the new 20 so you are a hot 21 year old :)

I like those slippers...I might need to get me a pair...Old Navy?

Isabelle said...

You had to mention thos epretzel again!!!!! If it makes you feel better, I'm 32 single and no kids! At least you have the love of your life and 2 gorgeous kids and all before 31 :)

Liz said...

I'm 28, and I havent found anything that fits right in Old Navy for the past five years. It's a consiracy. And you look SO fabulous!

Jo Ann said...

Watch out for those slippers... they really look like something I would like... and you know what that means.... like mother, like daughter....HAAAAA
It's not all bad...

THE Stephanie said...

Mother!! That was not nice at all!

Megan said...

They do look comfy!! I bet if you went out you would get carded for really shouldn't freak cause you're 31!! You're hott!

Staci said...

i actually almost bought some of those....weird...but i found some "miss sixty" boots for 80 bucks that i put on lay away instead....when you see them you will know why!! not to mention they were originally 150. gotta love tjmaxx.....if you stop complaining that your 31 you can borrow them!! ;)

MamaMia said...

Alright! Does anyone over the age of 31 read your blog??!! I'm 37 and will never ever fit into anything from Old Navy again unless it's a men's t-shirt. Now where do I get some "old lady" slippers? Ha, ha. ;)

Lauren said...

At least you can remember your age! I realized a couple months later that I wasn't 32 I was 33! Imagine losing an entire year. By the way - the slippers look cozy but so 31 :)

Meg said...

You are gorgeous...I can still remember 32 like it was yesterday...sigh...

At least you aren't writing about the end of your "babe" days like I did today!

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