Welcome to the craziness of Fall sports

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Both the kids have started their Fall sport and the craziness has definitely begun! What were we thinking?? Well, I know what we were thinking. We were thinking that we wanted the kids to participate in what they were excited about. So here we are...

Ashton decided a few months back that she wanted to play volleyball. After we got the DNA tests back and confirmed that she was actually MY daughter and hadn't been switched at birth, I decided to be a good mother and encourage her in every way possible.

So I bought her some cute black shorts and a pink and white volleyball.

Clearly she is showing more and more tendencies of being like her father. I mean, she hates to shop - which has almost caused the need for anti-depressants (for me, of course) on more than one occasion - and now she's playing sports. At least her daddy dresses well and cares about how he looks. She has no hope of bypassing that.

Here's my girl at her first practice... in her cute black shorts and pink tennis shoes. I was the out of control mom in the bleachers cheering every time the ball came within 10 feet of her.

Now onto my other child... the soccer prodigy.

Yes, Taylor will soon be auditioning for the US Olympic Soccer Team.

Auditioning? Is that what you do for sports?

Anyway, he's having a fabulous time playing soccer for the first time and seems to be doing really well. He absolutely loves it, and that's the best part.

Here are some pics of his practice last night.


Miss Anne said...

Um, is it just me, or are his shin guards the cutest little things ever???

Not to mention that super sweet action shot!


I definately approve of your daughters wardrobe choice too!

lol @ "I was the out of control mom in the bleachers cheering every time the ball came within 10 feet of her."


have a great day!

Joey said...

they're called "try outs"... get it right! lol

Megan said...

Auditioning..hahaha.. Sorry. I think it's GREAT your kids are playing sports..it is much better than all the fat kids that just watch tv. (is that harsh?!?)

Rachel said...

DNA test; that was too funny!

They look adorable...I am sure you will have a busy fall with both of them in sports.

Love is very athletic; Zman is a computer geak LOL

Chris Rasco said...

I've heard that Taylor has one heck of an awesome coach too. ;p

Katy Lin :) said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! you're our big winner! shoot me an e-mail at katylinvw(at)yahoo(dot)com with your contact info! :)

Isabelle said...

It's fantastioc that your kids are so active! Don't worry about Ashton, she will grow to love shopping and then you'll look for ways to stop her!!!!!!!

Have a good one

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