Weekend Wrap-up

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I know, you all thought I gave up on blogging. But fear not! I'm here!

I had to take Monday off work to grieve the Cowboys loss. I mean, they played like a bunch of middle school girls... it's hard to believe they lost, right? Don't get me started...

So, on to our jam-packed, fun-filled weekend. It, of course, started with Ashton's volleyball game. (On a side note, you should know that Taylor is becoming quite the photographer - which works out well to keep him occupied during the 3 fifteen minute games Ashton plays. It also provides me with a plethora of pics to choose from for my blog. Most of them, however, show Ashton either yawning, playing with her hair, or doing the splits. So this is the best you get. At least she appears to be interested.) She's in the black right in the middle. :)

And lest I give you the complete impression that she's not enjoying volleyball, she did make 5 straight points serving that ball!! And if the "Y" didn't have a rule that after 5 points you have to switch sides to give the other team a chance, she would have made more, I'm certain!

From there, we headed straight to Taylor's soccer game. I have to say, I am really impressed with how well he is playing. I mean, other than all the water breaks he insists on taking, he seems to be really excited about the game. He runs after the ball and makes an effort to kick it away from the other team and in the right direction. Pretty cool, huh?

Here's my little man running through the line giving his dad a high-five.

After the games, we took the kids for pizza. Ashton has been begging to ride the bumper cars for quite some time, so I finally gave in, took out a small loan, and let her ride. She had a blast!

Monday, Ashton was out of school, so Joey and I took the day off. As part of the "8 Days of Stephanie" Ashton gave me a gift certificate for the twos of us to have some girl time and get our nails done. I had a pedicure while Ashton got her nails painted.

Once our nails were beautified, we picked up Taylor and headed over to meet my parents for lunch. While we were waiting for Mama, I asked Taylor to take a picture with me.

This is what I got.

Then the kids passed the time by taking pics of each other... (I have no idea what this is....)

What did you do this weekend? There's absolutely no way you packed in as much fun as we did!


Rachel said...

Woah...that was a busy weekend! I love the pics...that pizza is really making me hungry and I just had one of those "soup at hand".

I had a busy Saturday but rested on Sunday...recovering from the party!

Hopefully I will get my pedi tonight :)

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

That Cowboys loss was pretty devastating! Ya'll have a very busy weekend...love the pics!

Joey said...

ok, that pic of my daughter is scary. I mean, she looks like she's about 16 years old! what the heck!

Katie said...

sounds like a great weekend!

and I think I need some pizza. that looks SO GOOD.

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