Reliving the dream

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I know it's over, but the "8 Days of Stephanie" was so great, I just can't stop thinking about it. :)

Friday night Joey took me to my favorite restaurant so I could get fat and happy.

And that I did.

Look at how happy I am with that bowl of chicken-alfredo-with-sundried-tomato deliciousness. People, I practically dream of this meal on a regular basis.

I must confess, though, that this is the first time that I made Joey order his own meal. Usually we share it, but I was being extremely selfish with my birthday dinner this year. I don't think he had a problem though... he finished his meal quite nicely.

Here's the kicker peeps... even though Joey had to roll me out of the restaurant, he still forced me to eat Marble Slab cookies-n-cream ice cream BEFORE we saw our movie!

Hello! Was gaining 10 pounds part of the "8 Days of Stephanie"??

But look - aren't we cute??

And just to clarify, I DID NOT eat my normal bag of Sour Patch Kids during the movie. It totally went against everything I believe in to sit through an entire movie and NOT eat Sour Patch Kids, but I honestly thought that if I put even the tiniest of SPK in my mouth I would vomit all over my gorgeous husband.

Pretty sure that wasn't part of the "8 Days of Stephanie" either.


Isabelle said...
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Isabelle said...

You two are cute!!! How can you not eat some SPK????? I know the too full you want to die feeling, I feel like that when I have a cheat meal after a show, like my stomach will explode or something. I'm glad you had fun!

Isabelle said...

BTW if you keep eating like that you are right, there is no way you'll be able to buy your kids winter clothes....

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

WAY TOO CUTE to post....and where in the world did the pounds get added? You big toe?
Yep - your husband DOES rock!!!!!

Megan said...

Ohh I lovee chicken alfredo...yumm! You guys do look super cute! ..I can never go through a movie at the theater without matter how full I am, I take one for the team! (End of me sounding like a fat kid)

Rachel said...

I have to say you guys ROCK! I see that you both are not only lovers but best friends...It's so great.

BTW you look sooo darn cute with that dish! And the two of you were meant for each other.

Sorry I'm a little sentimental tonight LOL

Joey said...

that was pretty good eatin'! please don't vomit on me.... btw how did you change your little icon thingy? instead of the orange and white "B"...?????? I want to change mine to a Iron Plate..

THE Stephanie said...

Joey, silly, it's called a Favicon. And did you forget that I own a blog design business?? If you'll just mozy on over to the pricing page ( you can place an order.

If you're really nice to me, maybe we can work out an alternate form of payment. :)

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