Hello Blogland! I've missed you!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oh blog buddies, how I've missed you. It's been too long.

I've been busy, but that's no excuse to neglect you.

Here's a few random thoughts to catch you up....

It's been 45 degrees here every morning this week! Some of you may want to move in with me to keep warm, but hey, I've busted out my winter coat and I plan on wearing it!! This is frost-bite weather for South Texas!!

I was off work on Monday and got a taste of "a day in the life of a stay at home mom." Boy, you all deserve a metal! There was certainly no staying at home for me! From doctor's appointments, to grocery stores, to carpools, to hunting down Halloween costumes... sheesh! I needed a nap! But there was no time for that either. I was trying to win that metal by cooking dinner for the hubby on his first day of his new job. Let's just say by Tuesday morning I was ready to go back to work :) lol

I guess that'll do ya for now. I'll try not to be so MIA...


Allmykids123 said...

You've been Booo-ed! Hop on over to my blog and get more information! Boooooooooo!

KimmyJ said...

I feel ya - SAHM are the greatest, but I am so much more organized as a working gal.

scargosun said...

Missed you! Sounds like your SAHM day was a busy one. :) Did you get dinner done too?

Rachel said...

Sheeeee'ssss BACKKKKKK!
Yay! Woah you were busy on Monday eh! I hear ya...I think coming to work and sharing the home duties is a lot easier than staying home that's for sure! I don't how all the SAHM do it that is for sure!

Miss Anne said...

Glad to have you back! SAHM are indeed amazing!

:) enjoy your day!

and happy halloween!


Megan said...

It was 30 degrees this morning..I had the windows open. I. Love. The. Cold.

Amy said...

HA! I hear about 45 being frost bite weather for South Texas. I'm a Texas girl as well and am wearing my wool winter coat in 45-50 degree weather here in Atlanta! ;-)

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