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Friday, September 12, 2008

Taken from Yahoo! This story was posted just moments ago, and I'm sorry, but when the greatest quarterback in the NFL is noticed for being more than just a quarterback, we must all reco'nize! Read on my bloggy friends. (my comments are in the brackets)

Tony Romo may replace Tom Brady as most wonderful man alive

Perhaps sensing that there's a void to be filled as America's dreamiest quarterback with Tom Brady on the shelf for a year, Tony Romo is stepping up his game [uh, never had to, but ok]. He's talented, he's devilishly handsome, and he's self-effacing. And while he may lack the manicured Euro-charm [what?] that allows Tom Brady to hold a goat and still ooze sex, Tony Romo is one hell of a nice guy.

An older couple had a blown tire miles from their house outside of Dallas, and with their portable air-compressor thingamagjig malfunctioning, they sat there stranded while dozens and dozens of cars passed them. That is, until a wholesome and handsome young stud pulled up and offered his assistance. It was Romo. [of course it was]

This was after a game earlier in the day in Cleveland, after he suffered a busted-up chin, and after the flight home from Cleveland to Dallas.

That's just a very sweet thing to do. And I'll just go ahead and admit it ... I probably wouldn't have stopped [of course you wouldn't. You're mean.]. I'd have saw [shouldn't that be "seen"?] the stranded couple, felt bad for them, maybe considered it for a second, and then said to myself, "I don't know anything about cars, I'm tired, it's dark, my chin hurts, I just want to get home, and that woman is neither young, hot, or [nor, dummy! who taught you to write?] single," and I'd have rolled on past. Sorry. I don't know. Maybe I'd have surprised myself, but that's my best guess as to what would've happened.

And Romo didn't say a word about his good deed to anybody. No one in the Cowboys organization even know [knew!! seriously... does this guy get paid to write?] about it until yesterday. The Star-Telegram only found out about it because the lady sent them an e-mail.

Notice has been served, Handsome Tom. You are not irreplaceable.

Ok, I know I got a little off track with the moron who wrote this article, but isn't it nice to know the NFL's BEST quarterback is such a great guy?

I think so.


Joey said...

so much for Husband Rocks Friday... cover me up with a post about another guy...

THE Stephanie said...

I knew that was coming!! As soon as I hit publish!!!

Baby, you always rock, not just on Fridays...

Rachel said...

I saw that article...didn't the women tell Tony that he looked a lot like Tony Romo...and he said something like I know or I do.

You guys are too funny...but Steph you did post about Joey first so that should count for something.

Isabelle said...

My comment: Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

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