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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's official. I'm a sucker.

But so is Joey.

A few weeks ago I had a meeting at church on a Saturday morning and as I'm walking up to the door what do I see? The cutest little kitten ever! One of our church staff members found her behind one of the A/C units and here's where she went wrong... she asked very quickly, "wanna take her home?"

So I go over to pet her and she was so tiny, and so soft, and SO cute! At first I said no and then I thought "where will she go if I don't take her??"

So I called Joey, 'cuz I know he's a sucker for kittens, and he reluctantly (well, not really) came up to the church and got her while I was in my meeting :)

Just look at her!

For being such a tiny little kitten, she sure can jump! This is where we found her after work one day... silly cat!

Now, we already have one cat, Leah, and a dog, Layla. (I know, but we didn't name her - she came from the Humane Society and I thought it was cute that their names were almost the same. Joey hates it.)

Leah, ummm.... to say the least, has not quite adjusted to this tiny invader. Can you tell?

After a rather lengthy stare down and much hissing, Milo (the new kitten... we couldn't really find anything to rhyme with Leah and Layla... and thought Joey might go insane if we did, so we didn't try for very long) was allowed to eat.

Funny thing... Layla (the dog... stay with me) just thought we bought her a new toy and tossed her around a bit. She wasn't trying kill her, per se, it's just that Layla weighs about 40 lbs. and Milo weighs, ummm... about 3 lbs? She likes to play though, so all is well with the dog.

Leah, on the other hand, is not quite as playful. Milo tries to play with her...

I think she's coming around.


Angie said...

Awww, I'm a sucker like that too. Little kitties are very cute and dang near irresistable! I found a kitten in a parking garage once and took him home and named him Parker, get it? Our cat that we have now is an orange tabby with like 7 toes on each front paw, his name is...are you ready?...
Tom Thumb.

Rachel said...

I went to piano last night and she has a cat; it popped right up on my legs and just purred and let me pet her...I have a bull dog and he is very heavy and never sits on my lap; well he rests his head there...I told my hubby I wanted a kitty but he is very allergic so I will live through yours!!! very very cute!

Katy Lin :) said...

sooo cute! i would have about a bazillion little creatures living in our home bc i'm a sucker too - luckily for the neighborhood and our home's sanitary factor austin is not quite the sucker that i am :)

Joey said...

so, 2 fish, 2 cats, 1 snake, 1 dog... crazy wife... 2 kids...

scargosun said...

So cute! So nice of you to open your home to a new critter. ;) Leah will come around. It'll take her longer.

Baird's Blessings said...

You are a sucker! I didn't know you took it home!

Melissa said...

It's SO cute, I would love a kitten like that. My daughter has been asking for a kitten for years now, but my husband's very allergic to them, so it's not going to happen. We do have a little dog, Princess, who is just about as cute as a kitten and we've also had fish, a gerbil, a guinea pig and hermit crabs (except for the kitten, daddy has a hard time saying no to his little girl). :)

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