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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The last six and a half months have been somewhat dull I must say. But life has been restored. There is now football filling our TV nearly 24/7. If it's not a live game, then it's a rerun on the NFL network.

I know, most of you wouldn't peg me for a football junkie, but it's true. I LOVE football.

But the one thing you should know is my heart belongs to the Dallas Cowboys. (Sorry, Izzy. It had to be said.)

Here's your weekly pic of the 'boys rolling the other team. Who was it? The Browns??

Just a little Marion doing what he does best... flying in for a TD. (Sheesh, look at #94! He doesn't even try to stop him!! Just stares in awe...)

Oh, and in case you weren't aware, football season brings out the trash-talker in me as well.

Got somethin' to say? Bring it!


Rachel said...

Go Chargers!!! It could be us and Dallas this year; we shall see...except we just lost one of our defensive lineman Shawn Merriman...we still have an awesome team even though I am PO'd about Sunday's game...oh well so we don't go undefeated we go 15-1.
I am a first time commenter; love your blog!

Joey said...

next time, make sure you use his real name: Marion the Barbarian!

... and what? I'm not exciting enough for you in the off season? :(

Megan said...

I am glad we have two TV's. (Hi, I'm Megan, came over from Rachel's blog) Dave(Husband) watches ESPN ALL THE TIME. And now it's always on a football game. I watch it sometimes with him, but I am totally happy watching TV in our bedroom.
P.S. I love the name of your blog. "Live, Laugh, Love" has been my favorite quote for years and this past summer I got a tattoo with that, it is pretty neat because it is in my own handwriting and design. I will have to post a picture of it on the blog.

scargosun said...

It is ON!

Monday night...



he he he

Rachel said...

I forgot to mention to you too LIVE LOVE LAUGH is my motto too; without any of them you aren't living!!!
PS Let's hope Jessica Simpson doesnt' go to the stadium to watch Tony Romo I kid I kid!!

Christina said...

Cowboys fans here too!

AND my boys are playing football. My husband is their coach. We just can't get enough! Woohoo!!!

Joey said...

ok, I totally saw you comment on Megan's post about about her husband... it hurts... hurts I tell ya!

no snuggle for you!

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