Family fun day

Monday, September 15, 2008

Every Saturday we try to take the kids to do something fun as a family and this has taken on the name of "Family Fun Day." Last weekend, you'll remember we played mini-golf. This weekend, it was bowling.

Ashton has bowled before on a school field trip, but Taylor had never been before. We had such a good time! Although we were quite lucky Ashton didn't break the lane DROPPING her ball down the lane every time she bowled!!

She was very good and helping Taylor with his first try. Taylor tried many different bowling techniques, but I must say, "granny style" proved to be the best.

He was so proud of his first frame that he turned around and ran back to Ashton yelling, "hug, hug!" Now for Taylor, this is nothing new, because he idolizes Ashton. But for Ashton to actually hug Taylor - now that was a miracle, because most of the time she's just plain annoyed at her idol status!

Now, I'm sure you're wondering how Joey and I fared in our little "Family Fun Day." Did we make it without our own private wager on the game?

Of course not! Do you even know us??

This is us before the game began.

There is no picture after the game was over because I was too irritated.

Yes, I lost and was forced to give my extremely sexy husband a 10 minute massage.

It was horrible. I mean, having to rub him down for 10 whole minutes! Sheesh! It was pure torture.

(Shhhh.... don't tell him. I lost on purpose.)


scargosun said...

You lost? ;)

Megan said...

(I was going to comment on how hott you & your husband were, but I'll come back to that!) I think it is AWESOME that you all do "family fun day" that is certainly something the kids will cherish when they're older! Ok, now back to the other, you guys are totally cute! And the fact that you all bet on things is funny, we are totally competitive.

Rachel said...

you guys crack me up; atleast you pay up on your hubby is always trying to cash in on ours...hmmm maybe tonight I will surpise him with a massage!! thanks Steph.

That is awesome that you make a habit of doing it. we do family time but it's always sporatic and last minute...when we plan something comes up birthday party here, someone doesn't feel good..yada yada...but we don't tell him you lost on purpose!

Isabelle said...

You two are adorable! You're entire family is adorable! I can't help but smile when I read what you guys write about one another or pics of your family outtings!

Melissa said...

Thank you for the welcome you left on my blog. I love all the pictures you have here-you have a beautiful family. The one of your kids hugging is SO precious, your son looks like he just won the lottery or something! One of the names I had picked out for my daughter was actually "Ashton Taylor".

Mrs. Buck said...

sounds like so much fun, I'm so glad you got that picture of the kiddies hugging, so sweet!

Hipmomofboyz said...

I love to take my boyz bowling. I'm surprised that we have not been kicked out yet. Can you imagine 3 boyz bowling...lets just say I can't believe they haven't broken a ball yet...

Joey said...

and a good massage it was! I love family fun days! at least until the kids drive me insain, then you and I both go into our room lock the door and just leave some food out for the kids...

Honey Mommy said...

What a cute picture of you and your hubby! Mine always has this funny, stiff smile on his face when I try to take our picture.

Cute, cute blog!

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