Ever have one of those mornings?

Monday, September 22, 2008

I mean, it started out great... after all, it's Day 2 of "The 8 Days of Stephanie!" So of course, I checked Joey's blog for my clue and after much searching, he finally had to just tell me, because after all, who really puts gloves in the glove box? Not me!!

But I ended up with another fabulous gift that I think he's going to post on his blog, so I'll leave that up to him.

Then it was just a normal morning, which always consists of me running late. I've said it before - I am not a morning person! And once I have Taylor finally dressed and ready to go and I have all of my things, I can't find my keys.

I have never lost my keys. Never. They are always in my purse or on the bar.

So the first thing I do is completely empty my purse (well almost). No keys. I look everywhere else. No keys.

Seriously - where can they be? This went on for probably 10 minutes and I couldn't find them anywhere... until I looked in my purse - again - and sure enough they were in the only pocket I didn't check - because they are never in that pocket.

I was about to pull out of the driveway until I realized I had forgotten to take my migraine medication. Back in the house I go...

Now I can leave, right? So I get all the way out of the neighborhood and realize that we've forgotten Taylor's snacks for school. This is a major problem. So I turn around. At this point, what's the big deal, I'm already seriously late.

Sheesh... I get the snacks, get back on the road, drop off Taylor and finally get to work 10 minutes late - which isn't bad for the morning I had.

Ever have one of those mornings?


Rachel said...

All the time LOL

I am no good at clues...so you have a 1 up on me...did he post yet...I will check...can't stand the suspense...LOL and it's not even my gift...too funny! thanks for sharing with us!

Rachel said...

no post yet...crap what was day 1...in his closet? see I'm still lost :)

Joey said...

i posted the answers....

Angie said...

I hate mornings like that! My problem though is traffic. No matter how early I leave, I'm gonna be late due to traffic. It's terrible here and I hate it and it makes me crazy! Like this morning, I left at 7:45. It took me an hour to go about 12 miles. I didn't get to work until 9:05, and I only like like 16 miles from work.
It sucks.

What? Do you get 8 days of presents??? I'm soooooo jealous!


Rachel said...

LOL I just read your comments!!! I knew about the blog design...I must have had a brain fart about being a computer guru...I will not forget next time :)

Once this party is done with (spending my savings for my hubby to have a great time on his 40th) I will be taking you up on a total blog makeover!

One Wired Woman said...

Yes... those mornings are a normal occurance around the Wired House. The lost key thing drives me insane. My mind is going is way too many directions. Yikes!! ~Jill

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