The day my husband tried to kill me.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Ok. Some people say I exaggerate. And obviously I am still alive because I'm typing this blog post. But I did say tried to kill me.

No, he didn't succeed, but I am not convinced that it was not his plan all along.

Here is how it began.

It was a nice Saturday morning. I awoke to the very large smile of my wonderful husbands face just inches from mine. Usually I'm the one who wakes him up this way quite early on Saturday mornings, but last Saturday, I slept long past my usual 7:30am body alarm clock.

I know, we're silly. But we have to wake each other up this way. It makes us laugh and keeps us from being grumpy. Most of the time.

So I just switched gyms and Joey and I decided to go work out so off we went. It was leg day. I like leg day. Nothing wrong with leg day. Legs are my friend.

Until they met Joey. Now I can't walk. Or sit down without falling. Or get up from the toilet without moaning.

This is not normal.

And I haven't even gotten to the part about how he tried to kill me. It was the ab mat. Yes. He grabbed a 10 pound plate, took me to the mat, made me lie on my back, and forced me to do hideous ab exercises.

All of this while he quoted lines from South Park.

Anyone who thinks my husband was not trying to kill me, please raise your hand.

And there are none.


Toni said...

Good lord you sound like how I felt after my first few p90x classes. No killing the wifey Mr. Man...a hurting wife makes life much harder for you!

Isabelle said...

Yes it is normal to not be able to walk or lift your arms for 2 days after a good wo. Being sore is the only sign of growth there is. It's a good thing. I promise you will get to love that feeling...

Katy Lin :) said...

lol! sounds like true torture :) what a diabolical scheme!

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