Chopped it off!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I did it! I finally cut my hair. It's been driving me nuts for a while now but my hubby (who rocks, remember?) was just in LOVE with my LONG hair.

So last weekend I just happened to get up the nerve to mention that "I may have to cute my hair" and whatdayaknow? He didn't have a heart attack OR even threaten my life! So you better believe I jumped at the chance, called the world's best hair stylist (TWIRL, people!!), and made my appointment.

Here you have it....

Nothing too drastic - after all, do you know my husband? He texted me in the middle of my appointment to tell me he was scared!! lol He's so silly, but that's why I love him. (Well, one of the reasons... I mean, have you seen my husband???)

Wow, I'm really off track...

So back to my fabulous hair. I totally love it!!! She put tons of super blonde highlights and then added lots of lowlights too for the winter. She totally rocks!! I love her to death!

If you're within a 500 mile radius of me, you have to get your hair done by Lisa as TWIRL. She's the best!!


Isabelle said...

Wow! You look great! The colour is simply amazing!!!!! The lenght is really nice, she did a good job!

I used to bug my ex that I would have to fly back from SA to Montreal to get my hair cut lol why are we so attached to our hairdresser.

and yes colour is spelled with a U :)

scargosun said...

You are a vision of loviliness! That cut really suits you.

Rachel said...

500 far is Florida from Texas LOL
It looks sooooo beautiful and great on you; I seriously need my hair done but it always costs me like 200 bucks by the time I buy product services tips...and my hubby bday is right around the corner so I have forgone my hair for awhile :(.........(those are tears)

Thanks for the comments...I need to work out I just need a buddy so I have someone to keep me on track or a trainer...but then that would cut into my hair you see the or body hair or body!! Geese!

Joey said...

you are so hot! but yeah, i was scared! I mean, I trust Lisa and all, but I was really diggin' your hair lately! But it looks great! phew!

Hipmomofboyz said...

SO cute. At least you keep your hubby guessing

MamaMia said...

Lookin' good as always girlie.

I've been MIA, but I'm now caught up on your recent posts.

Adorable kitty. So sorry about Taylor's wasp(s) incident.

Be back soon.

Megan said...

You are so hott! I definitely like the new hair. I am trying to grow mine out, but once it hits my shoulders it just.stops.growing. I have no idea has NEVER been past my shoulders.

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