"My Husband Rocks" Friday

Friday, August 1, 2008

Welcome to today’s edition of “My Husband Rocks”!

This week, my hubby rocks because I’m pretty sure he is the funniest person I know. Most of the time I don’t even think he’s even trying to be funny; it’s just who he is.

Let me take you back about 10 years. Joey and I were driving down the road in his white pickup truck listening to some good ‘ole country music – ‘cuz that’s how we rolled back then. Tim McGraw’s “One of These Days” came on the radio and we’re both singing along, when out of nowhere Joey’s busts out with these lyrics – “one look at her, and I had to poke her tooty” (actual lyrics “one look at her, and I had to pull her to me”). I literally about died from laughter, if one can have such a cause of death.

What made this so hysterical is that he just kept right on singing – like he honestly believed that’s what Tim wrote. To this day, every time I think about this I will bust out laughing.

This is my husband, people - nothing artificial about him. He is who he is. Granted, most of the funny things he does I can’t talk about on my blog, but I LOVE who he is. God knows that I can be moody sometimes (I mean basically never, really), so He blessed me with someone who could break those moods.

Like last Friday when we went to 3 movie theaters and every single one was sold out and I was getting in such bad mood, but on our way to the 4th and final theater, driving down the highway, I look over at Joey, all in my bad mood, and he has the funniest look on his face you’ve ever seen. I even took a picture of it, but it’s on my phone and I can’t get it off to post on my blog, so you just have to imagine it J.

Thanks babe for being who you are. I love every bit of you!


Joey said...

you welcome, and are you sure he's not saying poke her tooty?? haha I love fridays!

Katy Lin :) said...

lol! what fun! it is such a blessing to be able to laugh together! :) have a great weekend you guys!

marye said...

that is awesome! Have a great weekend.

Christina said...

HAHAHA! How funny! Yall are cute!

HeathahLee said...

Try this for your picture...I've taken pictures on my phone and sent (texted) them to my home email address, then saved them in my picture folder on my computer. They're not as clear as ones you download directly from your camera, but they still come out pretty good!

And being able to laugh together is ESSENTIAL in marriage! : )

Hipmomofboyz said...

I too, have a pretty funny husband. Isn't it great that they can make us laugh?

Sweetie said...

It was great reading about your family's antics. You are a breath of fresh air. Love your blog!

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