Taylor's "Best Day Ever"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

*cue Spongebob singing "It's the Best Day Ever" (since this is what Taylor sang ALL day!)

When Taylor found out that Ashton was going to summer camp - several months ago - he was so upset... because you know, if sister gets to do something, then so should he! So we made plans way back then that when Ashton went to camp, we would have our own camp here at home and do tons of fun stuff. Whatever Taylor wanted.

Here's what that looked like...

For some strange reason, Taylor has developed an obsession with Applebee's. He keeps telling us something about his teacher eating there and telling him about "wiener dog balloons", but we can't make heads or tales of that. Either way, this was our first stop.

He really enjoyed it. That's all I have to say about that.

Our next stop was Inflatable Wonderland, which as you can tell by the name, in a wonderland of inflatables. Taylor had more fun than should be allowed - just check out the picture...

After that we stopped off at Blockbuster for some gaming fun.

Joey likes to play video games, but doesn't play that often. Now that Taylor is old enough to get into it, he really likes to play them with Taylor. They rented a motorcycle racing game - because Taylor LOVES motorcycles - and played for quite a while.

To end the night, Taylor had picked out a movie from Blockbuster, so he started to watch that. A little bit later he came downstairs saying he wanted to watch something else - something with girls in it, "because that will remind me of Ashton."

So this is what he picked out.

Joey was opposed, but when I told him why he wanted to watch it, who could say no?

Sunday after church, Joey and Taylor went to a local park to play some soccer. Taylor is going to play soccer for the first time this Fall and he is so excited. Joey said he actually did very well for his first time kicking the ball around. (And isn't he cute out there without his shirt on??)

He wrapped up the weekend with the usual Sunday night time with Mama & Papa. Then he had another special treat and got to spend the night at his Uncle Jason's house and have his first sleep over (I doubt that's what boys call it) with his cousin Austin. They stayed up way too late playing Play Station but my sister-in-law tells me he was well-behaved and they had a great time.

It may not be summer camp, but I think he had a great weekend... good enough to distract him from the fact that he's not where Ashton is!!


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

LOL - I loved that he watched Barbie... how cute is that?

scargosun said...

That is so cute. You guys get parenting awards for making it a special week for him. :)

Joey said...

twas a fun day...

Katy Lin :) said...

what a great idea! looks like he's having a ball, too! :)

Jo Ann said...

I'm sure he will have lots to tell Ashton when she gets home - if he will be able to get a word in! Can't wait to hear what he does when he sees her!

HeathahLee said...

Something to remind him of his sister...how absolutely precious! And wiener dog balloons? You know, the kind that they twist and turn and turn into all sorts of animals...of course my Kiddo always wants a pirate sword. :)

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