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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Over the past several months, I have seen God move in big ways. I know that I serve a BIG God, but when I actually see God do BIG things, it just amazes me. Sometimes we can go through life and miss these things – knowing that God is working, but not really paying attention, therefore unable to give God glory for what He’s done.

Here’s what God has done over the last few months…

I went through a period of about two years where I just felt lost. I wasn’t using my god-given gifts and I felt like I was just floundering. Several months ago God brought Joey and I to a place where we are both able to use our gifts to serve Him. We know exactly what God created us to do – that was never in question – but when we were not using our gifts to serve God, we felt empty. Thank you, God, for the gift of worship and for creating me – US – to worship you.

A few weeks ago I was witness to the restoration of the friendship of two of my best friends. THIS, my blogger buddies, is completely due to the work of God. Sometimes God asks us to do things that we don’t understand, and sometimes we may do those things in the wrong way, or maybe other people don’t understand why we’re doing what we’re doing, but when God comes through and fulfills HIS promise, there is truly nothing like it. Thank you, God, for being faithful when we are faithless.

Several months ago my best friend asked me to pray for her. She truly wanted God to reveal to her exactly how HE wanted her to serve him – not just what she could do that would be good, but what He had created her to do. God has blessed her with so many talents – she’s a great singer, dancer, she’s very creative – but she wanted to be able to focus on what God had created her to do. Last week God began to renew her passion for dance, while confirming this through several other people in the church. She was overwhelmed with how God revealed His love for her by answering her persistent prayers. Thank you, God, for creating us with a unique purpose and being faithful to reveal it to us when we seek You.

All of the above situations have now come full circle, but I have one that is still hanging in the balance.

Taylor, my son, is such a sweet boy, but he has struggled with self-control for as long as I can remember. He’s almost five now, and when he was two, of course, we wrote it off as the “terrible two’s”. When he never grew out of it, we began to try every parenting technique you can imagine, but to no avail. We have prayed for him continuously, taught him to pray for himself, begun a nightly devotional on self-control… and the list goes on. I believe that God will answer our prayers. I believe that Taylor has Jesus in his heart and I believe that he wants to be like Him. Will you join me in praying for my little boy? I have seen the power of prayer with my own eyes and now you have seen it too.

WHEN God chooses to answer our prayers, I promise to let you know so we can give God ALL the glory.


Katy Lin :) said...

stephanie, you are such an encouragement to me! thank you for sharing all that God has ben doing in and around you. i will most definitely be praying for taylor, and all of you! :)

Tiffany Crawford said...

Steph..I work with kiddos with this exact kind of behavior...if there is anyway I can help you with some tangible ways to assist you guys, I would be more than happy to...Praying for ya...


Vern said...

I would love to pray for your concerns...thanks for sharing your heart and inviting us to join you in this intercession...Great and Mighty is He!

You are loved,

Toni said...

I will keep your concerns in my prayers! God will work in your son just as he has worked in all of you and I believe you will begin to see a change very soon.

Isabelle said...

This is a very inspirational post. I will most definitely keep your concerns in my prayers. With caring parents and someone watching over your family I am confident you will see a positive outcome very soon. Stay strong :)

Jo Ann said...

I must admit that I wanted this to be medical issue so we could get to the bottom of it and "fix it". However, you have opened my eyes to letting God handle this - He is the great healer and loves us enough to wait for us to put our total faith and trust in Him. I am laying it down, giving it to God and know that He, who is above all names, will heal Taylor of his self-control/anger issue. God has great plans for him and your whole family. I love you.

Heather said...

I'll pray for Taylor - add him to the list of kiddos on my heart :) My heart goes out to you because I see other parents like you struggling every day to figure out why their child does _____ (fill in the blank). If you'd like to call or email sometime, I'd be happy to brainstorm with you, just listen or pray. I know it's hard but you guys & God will make it through - and be all the closer for it.
Love y'all,

Stacy said...

Steph-You are right to stand on what God has done, to remember the mountains that God has moved...He is the same today as yesterday and able to do more than we could ever imagine. God hand picked you and Joey for Taylor. He entrusted His beloved Taylor to His beloved Steph. Love hopes, believes and keeps no records of wrongs and this request is oooozing with God's amazing grace. May the God of peace sing to you today and give you the miricle of clarity for each step towards bringing the best out of Taylor.

Stephanie said...

Each night after we read we say the prayer and then I always think about the few out there who I may have read about that day, who need a prayer as well. So, tonight, I will add your little boy. He has a wonderful mommy!

Blogalicious Designs said...

I love you....and i will pray for your sweet sweet lil boy!!! He IS one of my favs ya know ;)

Staci said...

okay so i posted that last comment....dangit i hate it when that happens.....:)

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