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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Last Wednesday Joey had this great idea to camp out in the back yard with Taylor. I think Ashton heard about their plan and wanted in on the action so they decided to hatch this plan on Friday night before she left for camp on Saturday morning.

I made it VERY clear to my lovely family that I would be camping in the comfort of my king size tempurpedic knock-off bed with the A/C set at a comfortable 73 degrees and the fan on. I was more than happy to join them for s'mores, but my hubby is well aware that my idea of camping involves a hotel with the words "Resort and Spa" at the end.

So while I finished packing Ashton's things for camp, Joey and Taylor set-up the tent in the backyard...

... then took a quick Gatorade break. Don't forget, we are in the south Texas heat people!!

Once the tent was all set-up (but clearly, as Joey then told me, NOT big enough for 2-3 people!) it was time to build the camp fire. In my backyard.

This made the kids a little nervous, and me too, but I had already questioned Joey multiple times and he put my mind at ease by informing me that he was a boy scout when he was little.

Thank goodness!

The fire actually worked out well, but I will confess I had a water hose on standby.

Now it was time to roast marshmallows for s'mores. Ashton loves s'mores, but Taylor, as many of you know does not like chocolate. We think he's missing a chromosome or something...

A few weeks ago my cousins were in town and we met them at the Westin Resort at La Cantera and the kids had s'mores by the pool. This is Taylor explaining to me how those s'mores were much better than the one he's eating here... that I made him. God love him.

Ah, camping in the backyard. I told the kids goodnight and kissed Joey and came inside to clean up the kitchen. It wasn't 10 minutes until the back door opened and a sweaty little girl came in and went up to her nice soft bed to go to sleep.

About 20 minutes later, a cute little boy and his handsome dad followed.

It was a good idea, right?


Jo Ann said...

Too cute! Reminds me of the time your dad and I decided to sleep outside in the backyard (under the stars) when we were living on Garden Path... we lasted through the night, but woke up drenched in dew! The comforter was soaking wet. Next time, I'll expect Resort and Spa at the end of my camp out request as well!

sparkled*life said...

I too am not a camper at all! This is such a sweet way to get the experience yet still sleep in the ac. I too live in Texas and mercy it gets hot outside!
Very sweet story!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

We've never made it full night out in the backyard... Oh well, it's the fun of it.

The Mom said...

How fun!!!

Joey said...

i love that pic of taylor and i drinking gatorade together! email it to me, that's classic!

maybe next time, i'll be smarter and try this when its not a bazillion degrees outside! ;)

MamaMia said...

First of all...WHAT?? Taylor doesn't like chocolate?? How can that be?! I just don't know if I can get past this to keep commenting.

Thank God everyone came to their senses and went inside to sleep. ;)

Romi said...

My nephew just moved from San Antonio to London, England. He says he won't miss the heat.

You have the sweetest blog.

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