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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hello! Its me again... the other (and lesser) half of Stephanie. I was told I had to post this or I would be in trouble. So, a lot of times i get home and find a glass or a cup turned upside down on the floor. Sometimes there might even be a surprise under a shoe... but most of the time it is a glass. It cracks me up really... It's ok babe, I'll take care of the (insert name of bug or insect or small rodent here)! haha

So, this time I got home to find the couch was out of place and the infamous glass turned upside down. And there was a cute little innocent mouse in there. My daughter and I wanted to keep it, but NOOOOOOOOO, mama doesn't want a mouse in the house! FINE, but you know this will just lead to us getting a snake... in fact, now that I think about it, we should get a snake and just let it roam around in the house eating all the mice that our cat brings in! BRILLIANT! So, anyways, back to the subject here. I'm sure all of you women reading this are thinking, "what, what is wrong with leaving a cup upside down with a mouse in it for the husband to come take care of"! Well the answer is nothing... nothing at all is wrong with that! In fact I think its cute and I don't mind it at all! here's the pic -

sooommmmme wheeeerrree oooouuutttt theeeerrrrr.....


Motherhood for Dummies said...

ha ha that is great! And that is a great idea, trap the thing then leave it for hubby. :)

Sheri said...

Oh, funny!

When I was in college, we had a rule that "if you squish it, you clean it." After a week or so, the kitchen would eventually call housekeeping to go retrieve all the glasses that were found throughout the dorms. It was a really old hotel that was converted to dorms, and we had cockroaches like no tomorrow! Glad it's not just us.

Danielle said...

Oh! I just shivered!

I would have left Josh a note to the hotel we were staying at!!!

She is so brave for getting close enough to place that glass!

Kat said...

So...this is not the first time you have captured a mouse? In the house? Nope, I don't a mouse. Not in a house. Not in my blouse. No, I do not want a mouse. Anywhere. Ever.

Lula! said...

Hey there--thanks for stopping by Lulaville. I see that since we both love the same God I should be embarrassed that you were introduced to me by way of tampons. God loves me inspite of this, I tell ya!

Your blog is beautiful, your family is gorgeous, and your husband wrote a post--that right there seals the deal for me. Very cool!

I'll be back...and I don't mean that in a freaky, Terminator way.

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