"My husband rocks" Friday

Friday, June 13, 2008

I know. Don't laugh.

We were young. Very young. And those bangs were cool in 1999.


Anyway, the reason for showing that picture of my blessed wedding day is so you can all see the wedding ring that my wonderful husband chose for me.

See, we started dating at the end of February 1998. He proposed on May 1, 1998. We were married on February 20, 1999.

We never looked for rings. I don't think we even talked about them. Truthfully? He was too busy showering me with dozens upon dozens of roses for us to talk about stuff like that!

But I do remember that day he bought it. He didn't tell me he bought it, but I could tell by the smile on his face that he had just dropped some cash - to make me his wife! He came to my office just to say hi. And show off that huge, make-me-wanna-kiss-you smile.

And I knew.

Fast forward 8 and a half years to the dreadful day that I turned 30.

My poor husband. He put up with all of my whining and moaning and complaining about how I was going to turn 30 and how horrible it would be. He even put up with the tears... and those began several months prior. This was NOT a day I was looking forward to.

But he had his heart set on making it a day that I would remember instead of a day where I curled up in bed and cried. So he (with a little help from two of my friends) threw me the biggest party with lots of friends, hilarious cards, and good drinks.

I don't think I've had a party at all in my adult life.

And for his gift?

He had the marquee from my wedding ring reset into this gorgeous band.

The part that makes him so amazing is that I have never disliked my wedding ring. I've never looked at other rings and wished I had them, I loved my wedding ring. He chose it and gave it to me. How could I not love it?

BUT he shows up with this... BAM!!! With no prodding, no suggestions from me - or anyone for that matter. He just went to the jewelry store and found it.

I LOVE MY RING! Not just because it's absolutely gorgeous, but because he thought about it and bought me a gift that meant something.

MY husband rocks!!


Katy Lin :) said...

he's a keeper! (and the ring is GORGEOUS to boot!) thanks for sharing about your hubby!

Danielle said...

I think I could be in love with your husband.

And not because of his abs, but because of his sweetness!

A "keeper" indeed!

Good job, Stephanie's husband!!

Barb said...

What a sweetheart you have. Treasure every moment. Trust me, they go by so fast. Your family is precious!

Happy father's day to hubby.

hugs to you,

Eileen said...

Treasure every moment you two spend together! Many hugs! Mama Key

Mama's Losin' It said...

OK I'm slow. I thought the message I read was from the other Stephanie and went straight to the link without seeing it was from THE Stephanie. Does that make sense? It doesn't matter.

You're husband is so sweet!! Mama likey.

Stephanie said...

Mama you are soooo funny. When I read your comment I just laughed and thought... she know's I'm Stephanie, what is she thinking!!! lol... she REALLY IS losin' it!!! lol

Baird's Blessings said...

That is awesome! So many men can't pick out there own clothes in the morning let alone a beautiful ring, two times. You have been blessed.

David & Jo Ann said...

Yes, Joey did well! I can remember all the flowers and how fast that courtship progressed! It's a good thing we loved him from the start! And your daddy didn't have to get out the shotgun... (remember the night you didn't come home until dawn???) And he's very good when it comes to thinking of you! I'm proud to call him my favorite son-in-law - and it's not just because he's my only son-in-law! Hehehehe

Katy Lin :) said...

i've given you an award! come on over to claim it :)

Katy Lin :) said...

ok, i'm a big dork and i forgot to post the "award rules" (even though posting the "rules" is one of the "rules") what can i say it was really early for a saturday, lol! they're on there now though :)

Heather said...

Good man!! It's more beautiful than your husband!

Scary Mommy said...

What a great guy! My hubby had mine reset too, but totally due to my (not so subtle) hinting!)
Love the ring and the wedding pic :)

Adrienne said...

Wow. Your husband sounds incredible! :D I like how fast your relationship went, kinda like mine (except Im not married yet) :D Gives me hope :D Thanks for the hopes and wishes, and great wedding ring eye candy!

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