The million dollar question

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'll give you three guesses to figure out what my family is doing.

Really? Do you need three guesses?

Maybe if you're new here... and if you are, welcome to the mouse trap!!

Yeah, you guessed it. I was sitting at the kitchen table blogging - cuz that's what I do people! - when I see a mouse run out of bedroom - YUK!!! - and under the couch!

At this point, I don't even scream any more. I mean, they've honestly become part of the family. I simply said, "Honey, a mouse just ran out of the bedroom and under the couch."

And this is what happened.< Not to rescue mommy from a mouse running free in the house, but because they wanted food for this.

That leads me to my next million dollar question. Anyone have a spare bedroom? And I'd prefer someone maybe in a tropical location.

I realize beggars can't be choosers, so if I have no blogging buddies in the tropics, I'll settle for, hmmm.... how about Colorado, California, Florida, or New York.

I'm small, I don't eat much, and you'll hardly notice I'm there.

Plus, I'm sure I'll have to bring my hubby out for visits. I really can't live without him. I just simply can't live with that THING!!!


Joey said...

um, you're NOT moving away! besides, the snake isn't even poisonous! but you'll be happy to know I just got home for lunch and i got that mouse... looks like the new snake has super lined up!

Blogalicious Designs said...


scargosun said...

Oh heck no.

You can come visit us. I am a good cook and we have a spare bedroom in the sauna I mean, second floor.

Katy Lin :) said...

i'm right there with you on the whole mice thing - ew! i can most of the time handle snakes, but i definitely do not want to see them before they have digested their rodent meals - agin, ew! :P

Kat said...

Is that strange that I have much more of an issue with the mouse than with the snake? You should have stowed away in my luggage this weekend - we have lots of extra room!

MamaMia said...

I will gladly take loose mice in my house than a caged snake.

OK, not really, but you get my point.

On another note, I cannot believe your husband's transformation (flickr pics). I want my body to do that...I'll be keeping tabs on his blog so I can learn a few things. I've got to go have my ice cream now. ;)

David & Jo Ann said...

Where is your cat when you need her? Running from the mouse? Honestly that made for a pretty good pictures with everyone on the floor "looking" for the mouse!

Angie said...

We have a mouse ourselves. Stupid Noodles was carrying it around in her mouth after catching it in the kitchen. What did she do? Let it go in the dining room. Nice. I am going to have to let Jackie the Cow in the house to catch that d@*m thing. Want to borrow her? You might get more than you bargain for with her. She might rid you of the mouse only to bring you a raccoon.

Anonymous said...

Before I even read your blog, I saw the picture, and I KNEW it was a mouse. Why, you ask? Because I lived with a whole damn pack of them in my last house, and there were many a nights that I would see one make a mad dash for the hallway, and then my dogs and hubby would be tearing apart the house trying to get it.

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