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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last Friday after Taylor's graduation ceremony, we went to his classroom to get all of his things from the day.

When his blankie wasn't in his cubby, we had to call in the crisis management team.

When the crisis management team (a.k.a. his teacher) couldn't locate the blankie in all of daycare land, we knew we were in for a long weekend.

Every night he would start to cry and say, "I just can't take it anymore."

I wonder where he got that.

Honestly, I was having my own little breakdown as well. He's had this blanket since he was born and I just couldn't handle the thought of it being gone forever.

And I'm not even sentimental. I'm the one who throws away everything, but I guess it's because he's my baby. And I know I won't be having another baby. I don't know.

So every night I would tell him the same thing - I'm sure whoever has your blankie will bring it back to school on Monday.

Monday came and went. No blankie.

And to make matters worse, he only goes to school MWF in the summer, so we had to wait until Wednesday to see if anyone would bring it back. His new teacher said she would ask all of the parents and even send a note home. If that didn't work, I was determined to get the phone numbers of all the kids in his class and call them myself.

I He had to have that blankie!

This is what I found when I picked him up from school on Wednesday.

There is nothing sweeter.


David & Jo Ann said...

I'm so glad someone was smart enough to return the blanket! Looks like we are in for a GOOD weekend, huh? Happy Taylor, happy family!

Angie said...

That nearly brought tears to my eyes! We are a family of blankies too. I couldn't imagine a night without them. Glad he got it back!!!

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