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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yeah!! My favorite Aunt and cousins came into town yesterday to hang for a few days at the fabulous Westin La Cantera resort.

(On a side note, if any of my other favorite relatives are reading this, honestly, I show no favoritism. I have plenty to go around!!)

Back to my favorite Aunt and cousins, not to mention their super-adorable-you-just-wanna-eat-them-up kiddos, I totally had to skip out of work early, snag my own kiddos and get over there as fast as I could!! I haven't seen Bethany in probably 2 years because her hubby is a complete genius and has been dragging moving her all over the country teaching at various colleges. And that might not seem all that fabulous... except he can't be more than 25! Ok, maybe 27?? I don't know, I haven't seen him in 2 years, I can't keep up!! (Sorry, Kyle. I mean this with all the love in my heart, I swear. But thank you for bringing my cuz back to Houston!!!)

And Lauren... I've only seen her maybe once or twice in the last 2 years. It's just not nearly enough since we grew up seeing each other at least twice a year - if not more! All those summers of living in the pool... only getting out for chips and hot sauce... those were the days!!

Now, let's get down to the fun! Word is Lauren was a golf cart girl one summer in high school. Hmmm.... I don't know if she remembers all of her training because I think little Berkley was a bit scared of Aunt Lolo's driving!!

After our near-death experience on the golf cart ride from the Casita to the pool (I kid, I kid!!), there were hours upon hours of swimming to be had by all. And get this - momma (THIS momma) even got her hair wet!! I know, don't go fallin' out of your chair or anything. It was actually an accident. I was forced to go down the slide by that very cute little girl you see (barely) sitting next to Lauren. She's small, but very convincing.

After much swimming, sliding, and splashing, it was clear that s'mores were the only things that would get the kids out the pool.

Thank you Westin La Cantera!

Ok, so the big kids had to have s'mores, too! (This is Lauren - a.k.a. Aunt Lolo - me, of course, and Bethany - a.k.a. Aunt B)

Oh the sugar rush...

And to all my blogger buddies complaining of the "Africa" heat here in my great city of San Antonio... at least we have a beautiful sunset like this at the end of our "Africa" hot days :)


Anonymous said...

Hello..long lost blogging buddy..looks like you had a great time and visit..I love that hotel..it's the best..love the sunset picture..it really IS beautiful here, isn't it!!!

Sheri said...

Wow . . . great pics.

I've done Africa, and I've done Houston. Sorry, but I'll take Africa any day!!! Yuck . . . wishing you lots of happy A/C!

Kat said...

Hey...I said that!! :-) We are busy trying to stay cool...but today we did venture out to the Alamo. I am hoping to have my pictures up tomorrow or Friday.

Oh...and I did the meme a few days ago...

Joey said...

smores, strawberry margarita, um... who's watching the kids? haha and stop being so hot when i'm not there!

THE Stephanie said...

Very funy honey!! We were wathcing the kids... while eating s'mores and drinking margaritas!! Moms can do that... :)

Joey said...

yeah, its all fun and games till a kid goes and sits on a water jet! hahahaha

THE Stephanie said...

Dang, babe! You're on fire today!!

tinabean1988 said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day there's nothing better than family.
I love your blog I found you by way of SITS.
Thanks for sharing.

Sue said...

Hey Sitsta! Check you out and your model-gorgeous family! Love your blog...Happy Friday!

Sunshine said...

I am sooooo hankering for San Antonio! We lived there for 6 1/2 years (military) and we've stayed at Westin! I have the same pics of the s'mores! Totally wonderful places there!

Love your blog...and yes...I want one too! (thanks for the comment on my blog)

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