Viva Fiesta!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ok, with that title, I feel the need to confess again. I'm not a fan of Fiesta. I mean, I love to fiesta (party), but the actual San Antonio Fiesta? Not a fan.

Please hold the hate mail. It's not like I don't like San Antonio. I've lived here for 23 years. I've been to NIOSA once, before last weekend, and all I remember is getting beer spilled all over me. Is that supposed to be fun?

BUT, what I am a fan of is funnel cake. Big Mama said there was funnel cake. NIOSA here I come!

Our good friends Rich & Susan were gonna check it out so we decided to join them.

(Aren't we cute?)

Would you like to know the first thing we heard when we entered the gate? I bet by the sign below you're thinking it was Cascarones (pronounced in true Spanish fashion).

But no. Everybody say it with me. Cas-Cah-Row-Neeees. Yeah, just like macaroni.

Seriously. What has Fiesta come to when we have white women at the entrance gate of NIOSA screaming, "Cas-Cah-Row-Neeees! Get your Cas-Cah-Row-Neeees!"

Could someone not even give them a 2 minute Spanish lesson before they filled in for Juanita at that booth? Sheesh!

But really, who was I to criticize. I was there for the true Mexican fare... FUNNEL CAKE and margaritas.

Margaritas. This brings me to another sad Fiesta tale. Why is it that I can't get a margarita at Fiesta? I mean, I can practically get a margarita at the corner store, but they don't have tequila at NIOSA? Is this not a crime? Well if it's not, then I'll tell you the real crime is that they do serve margaritas, WAY in the back. And they hope you're drunk by the time you get there and don't realize that they're making them with WINE instead of tequila!

People, in case you're not aware, which I'm sure you are, this Fiesta event is taking place in San Antonio! Aren't we like the margarita capital of... somewhere!

Well, speaking of wine. This fabulous girl had just a bit too much while pouring it for NIOSA patrons. She was a HOOT!!

And that's all I have to say about that.

Viva fiesta! That should hold us for another 10 years at least, right honey??

By the way, after all of that, I never did get my funnel cake.

It was a NIOSA tragedy.


Staci said...

you are seriously getting the hang of it!!! how in the H-E double hockey sticks did you get the border thingy to work?? i tried and tried to no avail.....grrr

Joey said...

honey.... i'm gonna buy you a funnel cake...tongight! haha besides, I need to fatten you up a little! j/k

Mommasboyz said...

Oh!! Funnel cakes are the best!! We took the kids to the King William parade and HAD to get one..Yummy!! I hope you get your fix soon!! You guys look like you had a blast with your friends!!

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