LASIK, Part 3: Eyes sliced open

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I know that all of you are just dying to know if I was the latest victim of the Texas Chainsaw massacre, or if I can see from here to Tuscaloosa and back.

Well... First of all, my hubby was nice enough to take this lovely picture of me before I went in to get my eyes sliced and diced. Aren't I cute?

And here I am after I was attacked, I mean lasered, by the greatest eye doc ever - NOT the Texas Chainsaw dude. I know it may appear that he actually removed my eyeballs from their sockets, but really he just had to tape my eyes shut for a few minutes after surgery.

And now I can see!!! I have to say that this is the best invention ever!! I mean, the whole suction on the eyeball and the chainsaw noise was a bit disturbing, but hey, I can see!!

And that's all I have to say about that! Except...

Thanks, Joey!! You're the best husband ever and I love you more than you will ever know!


David & Jo Ann said...

Soooo glad you are doing well and able to see from here to eternity! You are even cute with your eyes taped shut! I love you baby girl!

Chris Rasco said...

Here is the big question... can you touch your eyeball with your finger?

I ask because I cannot. My eyes have only been touched by something other than water and air on one occasion. I tried to get contacts once and failed miserably.

I'd love to toss the glasses, but I have a very big fear of being able to make it through Lasik without a) going crazy or b) closing my eyes and getting my whole face lasered apart.

Stephanie said...

Well, Chris, closing your eye really isn't an option since they have it pryed open!!

All I can say is it is TOTALLY worth it!!!

Allmykids123 said...

Congrats on ditching the glasses!! Hooorraayyy!!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks, allmykids! It's definitely the best thing I've ever done!!

Chris Rasco said...

Pried open? I think that I'll pass. I'm not sure I would survive the surgery.

Heather said...

That's awesome!! So, you can see...just like that?? Now you can see your alarm clock in the night and go swimming and see the other end of the pool. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Just happened upon your adorable blog!! You have a precious family. Congrats on your lasiks surgery. Come and visit me sometime!! We're having fun over at One Wired Woman. :) ~Jill

Anonymous said...

Hi again Stephanie! I promise I'm not a stalker. :) Thanks for coming over to Wired Woman Land to visit.

Hey!! I noticed you are getting into blog design. I hope to do that too sometime in the future. The whole "creativity on the computer thing" is my passion... but just don't have the time now.

I think I may have a customer for you gals!! My good friend Donna is wanting to start a blog. I've been looking around for cute designs and girl... you & your galpal have it goin' on! :) I'll have to hook you up with her.

~Jill :)

P.S. Did you just add that photo that shows up next to your comments? If you left a comment, I can't believe I don't remember that pretty face. I'm so visual... I can always remember everyone's little avatar icons. Although, now that I think about it, I didn't realize I had that disabled on my settings for the first few months of my blog. I was wondering why I saw these cute pics on other bloggers' comments. I finally figured out that I needed to enable that feature. Oh well... I am rambling now. Better step away from the keyboard. :)

Mrs. Romero said...

Came over through Mindless Junque! ADORABLE!

Ana said...

hey stephanie! i love seeing pics of your precious kids! glad we can stay "connected" in this weird blogging world!

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