How do I love thee. Let me count the ways...

Monday, May 5, 2008

  1. Dead grasshoppers

  2. Live grasshoppers

  3. Baby lizards

  4. Lizard body parts

  5. A dead mouse once a week

  6. A mouse that's still breathing, but wishes it was dead, once a week

  7. A very dead mouse on Thursday, an almost dead mouse left in the kitchen floor, and yet another mouse - very much alive - in our bathtub on Friday.

This last mouse, I came to realize, was not a gift for us. It was simply a toy that the cat picked up for herself while out on her hunting trip for our little gift. (You might wonder how I know it was a toy for her and not a gift for us... that would be because we found her in the bathtub playing with it. No harm, no foul.)

OK, Leah. We get it! You're angry that we got a dog and you're feeling some pressure to establish your place in the family.

Since I know that you're at home sitting by the computer reading my blog, please, I beg of you! We love you dearly, but you can stop the gifts!

You're spoiling us. Really.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nasty!!But halarious!! I love the kitty post, you're right!! Our cat just stands in one spot and "traps" the mouse until WE get it..he's not very good at following through I guess, that's Harlie (our other cat) Bella is to cute to catch anything..she's to busy chasing her tail and throwing all my sweaters on my closet floor And messing up all the pillows on my bed and then I blame it on the boys (who know better)...until I caught her in the act..LOVE my kitties!!

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