LASIK, Part 3: Eyes sliced open

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I know that all of you are just dying to know if I was the latest victim of the Texas Chainsaw massacre, or if I can see from here to Tuscaloosa and back.

Well... First of all, my hubby was nice enough to take this lovely picture of me before I went in to get my eyes sliced and diced. Aren't I cute?

And here I am after I was attacked, I mean lasered, by the greatest eye doc ever - NOT the Texas Chainsaw dude. I know it may appear that he actually removed my eyeballs from their sockets, but really he just had to tape my eyes shut for a few minutes after surgery.

And now I can see!!! I have to say that this is the best invention ever!! I mean, the whole suction on the eyeball and the chainsaw noise was a bit disturbing, but hey, I can see!!

And that's all I have to say about that! Except...

Thanks, Joey!! You're the best husband ever and I love you more than you will ever know!

I take it back.

I take it all back. I love you, Leah. But I don't love your presents. And I will never pretend to.

Happy Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We had so much fun hanging with my Blogalicious girl and her cute fam on Sunday for some good 'ole fashioned backyard summer fun and BBQ with the kids.

Stac had the Slip 'N Slide and everything!

Couldn't get Ashton to go on her belly and Taylor just wanted to run...

Logan is the Slip 'N Slide king! Seriously dude!! Look at that form!

And then there's Landon, being tortured by his mama. Aunt Steph would never do that to you.

Well, he's obviously over the torture because dada brought watermelon!! Seriously Landon, lay off the cuteness!!

Who says bribery is not a fundamental part of parenting?

A few weeks ago we decided to buy Fiesta Texas passes since the kids have been begging for years now. I know, we're just horrible parents.

Since then, we've spent every weekend at the park. And this weekend was no different. Saturday evening we took the kids out to ride some roller coasters. Ashton is the brave one and Taylor is the one who keeps reminding us that he will only ride what he's tall enough for and what he wants to ride.

Meet the Roadrunner Express.

Until later this weekend, this was Ashton's favorite roller coaster. She spent the entire walk to the ride trying to convince Taylor to ride with her, but it wasn't until Joey saw the Batman capes for $5 and offered to buy him one if he rode that he finally said yes.

Huh. Maybe there's something to this bribery thing. Meet Batman.

Later on we got to see Scooby, too.

LASIK, Part 2: What your best friends WON'T tell you...

I'm super excited about my LASIK and not having to wear my contacts, and certainly my glasses - which I've had to wear for the last two weeks, so I wasn't nervous about my pre-op appointment yesterday.

My friend, and at this point, I use that term loosely, Kelly, who just had LASIK a few months ago, kept asking me if I was nervous, but seriously, what's there to be nervous about? I'm going to be able to see, right??


So I'm sitting in the exam chair having a routine eye exam and upon completion, the nice lady begins to tell me what to expect during the LASIK procedure.

Ok, first of all, you should know that I'm not stupid. I didn't think it was a magical laser and the doctor was my Fairy Godmother and there would be singing and dancing, and POOF! I can see!

I know they have to cut a flap and then use the laser to reshape your eye, which is what corrects your vision. I'm down with that.

What I'm not down with is this -

"The doctor will lay you back and put a series of numbing drops in your eye. Your left eye with be patched, and he will work on the right eye first. You won't feel any pain, only hot and cold sensation, and pressure. When everything is ready and he's sure your eye is numb, he will insert a (can't remember the name, but think pap smear, to pry you open) to keep your eye open. When he's ready to proceed, he'll ask you to look straight ahead so he can apply a SUCTION to your EYE BALL."

Yeah, let's just stop right there. You may need a sec to digest that. I know I did.

"What the suction does is increase the pressure in the eye so that it becomes hard. It's easier to cut the flap when the eye is hard rather than when it's soft. Now, when the pressure rises in the eye, you will lose complete sight in that eye, and since your left eye is covered, this may cause a bit of anxiety."

You think???

"But don't worry, this will only last for about 8.5 seconds. This is when he will cut the flap. At this point, you will hear a sound like an electric razor."

Ok, you've got to be joking. So I'm laying on my back, completely blind, and she's tells me this man is going to come at my eye ball with a chainsaw??? I know she said it will "sound like an electric razor, " but HELLO! Interpretation? Chainsaw!!!!

"After he's made the flap, he'll release the pressure and the sight will come back to your eye."

So you say.

"Then he'll ask you to look at either the red or green laser as he reshapes your eye and that's pretty much it. As long as he's completely satisfied with how it went with your right eye, he'll proceed to your left eye."

Does anyone see anything wrong with this?? UH, blind... chainsaw...

Thanks friends for filling me in. I really appreciate it!

I'll let you know tomorrow if I was the latest victim of the Texas Chainsaw massacre (not sure how I'll do that...) or if I have 20/10 vision. Let's hope for the later!

Good bye corrective eyewear!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ok, so I don't usually wear glasses, BUT...

This is me with my glasses:

This is how I feel about my glasses:

This is what I see without my glasses (or contacts):

Yeah, it's a HUGE problem when I can't even see my super H-O-T-T hubby!! So, my wonderful husband, who loves me more than I can put into words, is buying me LASIK!!!


I know, I don't usually wear glasses, but wearing toric contact lenses is a huge pain, too. I've had to wear my glasses for the last two weeks, but tomorrow... no more contacts, no more glasses!!

Mozilla... sounds a lot like GODZILLA!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ok peeps, I'm just a little frustrated. Well, if you ask my husband, I'm sure he'd say that's the understatement of the century.

Please, somebody, for the love of Blogalicious Designs, tell me why Mozilla Firefox hates me and Staci. I mean, I really don't think we've don't anything to you, Mozilla, so can you just back off? We're tired. We're out of ideas. We give up... well, not really. That's just not us. We'll beat you, Mozilla! We'll beat you!!

So for all of you out there who have been viewing my blog in Mozilla Firefox and trying to gather the courage to tell me that I really should stick to my day job because "have you seen your own blog, Steph? It's really not that good." Ummm... FEEL FREE TO DOWNLOAD INTERNET EXPLORER BECAUSE MOZILLA FIREFOX HATES US!!!

Sorry if that was a bit harsh, but I'm a tad frustrated, remember?

Seriously, my blog looks totally blogalicious in IE, so if you can tell me why it's all screwed up in Firefox, I might just take you to lunch.

Peace out.

A Proud Moment for Joey

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hey... it's me again... the other half of Stephanie :)

So, my son Taylor has hair that sticks up - I mean STRAIGHT up. Especially when it's short and he just got it cut. So, I've been trying to put "product" in his hair and he sometimes lets me but other times he insist on just water. Well, as we all know, water is only good for about 5 minutes! So, last night I went to the store and bought him his very own bottle of gel.... I know, brings a tear to my eye. lol Oh, and I don't care what you think of me.... I like to have good hair! There is nothing wrong with a man wanting to look good! And my son will follow in my footsteps! muahahahahahaha (evil laugh) So here are some pics of his first day using his very own gel! (hmmmm, I wonder how to post pics on this thing.... better call Steph... oh, never mind, i found the button)

To shred, or not to shred...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So I'm gonna be totally honest. I'm a little irritated with the shred.

I'm not sore. I haven't lost a single pound. Well, let me clarify... I have lost 2 lbs, but I gain them back. But this has nothing to do with the shred. This is just what I do ALL.THE.TIME. It's a vicious cycle.

Seriously. It's just my thing.

I've adjusted my diet and still nothing.

I'm not saying I quit or anything, but last night I went to the gym instead to run my troubles away.

So there.

I ran 1.2 miles. In 16 minutes.

Don't laugh. That's good for me.

And here's how I run - I get on the treadmill, turn on my iPod, and pray that I don't die right there. Because after all, if I do, I have no ID on me and no one would know who I was or how to contact my poor widowed husband.

Then I start running and tell myself I will not quit at least until this song is over. Then when that song is coming to an end, I push myself through just one more song Steph! And as that song is ending and my calves are cramping so bad that I want to throw up, I go for one more song! Just one more! You can do it!! Don't quit!!

And then I quit. And almost throw up. (There's has to be a few more songs in there somwhere...)

It's sick, I know.

A couple years ago I was running 2.5-3 miles a few times a week, but then I stopped. Even that isn't really anything to jump up and down about, but I've kind of always wanted to be a runner.

Joey always said he's never seen a fat runner.

Not that I'm fat, it's just these damn 5 pounds that won't leave! Damn you, 5 pounds!!

Ok big brother, this is for you.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And by big brother, I really mean my big brother, Jason. Not "Big Brother".

Let me warn you, please take a moment to empty your bladder. Your computer chair will thank you.

Big Mama's "For the love of the vegetables"

Dear blog,

Please don't hate me.

I'm sure you feel neglected, but I promise it's for a good cause. I can't really tell you about it now, but I promise I'll tell you soon. Very soon.

I know I promised till death do we part, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others - wait, that was Joey. But in all fairness, sometimes he DOES think I'm married to you.

Anyway, my point is, I know I haven't spent as much time with you lately but I promise to make it up to you with lots of cute and funny posts real soon.

Maybe even a new button.

And a new link...

The Author

What does your pet do while you're at work?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Remember this post where I reported to all of the internet world how much my cat loved our family? And how she showed this love by bringing us all sorts of dead, and some live, critters?

Do you also remember how I begged her to stop the gifts, since I "knew" she was sitting at home by the computer reading my blog?

Well guess what. I know what my cat does while I'm at work. She's surfs the internet reading blogs.

No more grasshoppers.

No more lizards.

No more mice.

Thanks, Leah. You're such a sweet little kitty!!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

So we've established that I have no idea what day I'm on, but I did shred on Saturday, not on Sunday.


It is a day of rest, though, right? At least that's what I told myself while I was at Sea World with the family. :)

Today, though... wait for it, wait for it... I did level 3.

Yeah, you heard me right. AND, get this. I.LOVE.IT.

I know, I must be sick. But it's totally different than the other levels and I really like it.

Where are you girlies in the Shred workout?

Shed: Day...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ok, don't kill me, but I didn't shred last night.

I know, I know... but I just was not feelin' it.

BUT, I did kill my abs with Izzy's ridic ab killing workout. So it wasn't all lost. Actually, I don't feel like anything was lost. I'm not beating myself for missing one day, when I have NEVER worked out this many days in a row in my entire life.

Anyway, hope you all have a fabulous, shred-filled weekend!!

God Of This City

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Any of you that really know me know that God speaks to me through music. Without going into great detail (which would take up the extent of the memory I'm aloud on blogspot), what I know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that I was created to worship God. I know that technically we were all created to worship God, but I believe that God created everyone of us with a specific purpose, a passion that burns inside of us. This is that thing that we just can't NOT do.

For me, and my husband alike, worshiping is that "thing."

God has been moving in our lives over the past several weeks in ways that we would never have expected. He has led us down roads that we never imagined we would travel again. But the amazing thing is that when you can see God's hand in it, you just can't help but follow.

All of that to say, I heard this song on the radio last week and it practically moved me to tears. We've been led to join the team of people beginning TriPoint - a multi-site campus of BRCC, the church that Joey and I had gone to for years. This song, to me, sums up the purpose of this campus.

All I can say is I can't wait to get back into serving God - the God of THIS city - exactly the way He created me to.

Mother's Day

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day started VERY early this year with a sick baby girl (well, I guess 8 years old isn't really a baby anymore...) throwing up at 3am. But you know, just because they call it Mother's Day doesn't mean we really get the day off, right moms??

This is when you really earn those cute homemade cards and thoughtful gifts...

Joey and Ashton picked out the cute pink NIKE watch and I love it. It's great for working out - much better than my everyday "work" watch.

And the locket below... Joey told me that Ashton has had this picked out for weeks. She knew exactly what she wanted to get me. She's so thoughtful and so very sweet!

For dinner we went to my brother's house and he cooked burgers on the grill for all the moms. Here's me and my sweet momma...

My brother Jason, Mom, and me...

And THE card. This card was so funny that I laughed out loud in the Hallmark store. I had to buy it.

I guess I'll tell you what it said.

"Having you for a mom is the main reason you'll never see me posing on some men's magazine"

(inside) "Damn family hips!"

And there's really nothing wrong with mom's hips, it was just so funny I had to buy it.

I love you mom! Happy Mother's Day!!

Shred: Day 12

Day 12 down.

I don't know what it was about yesterdays workout, but it seemed more intense.

Maybe I worked harder...

I'm not sore. I haven't been at all since I started Level 2. I don't know what the deal is, but I'm keepin' on.

I've been a total slacker with Izzy's ab workout. Not b/c I don't want to, but I have actually just completely forgotten. I need to get my abs in gear and remember to do that workout tonight!!

How is everyone else doing? What level are you on? Are you sore?

Shred: Day 11

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today I completed Day 11 of the Shred, level 2.

As I was working out, I realized something. Jillian says throughout the video that we have to make our bodies adapt and do what we want them to do. We can't quit when we get tired or our bodies won't learn to change.

It's so true! As I actually made it through the ridiculous workout - as Jillian was telling me she wanted me gargling my heart by the end of it - I realized that my body was adapting!

Pretty sweet!

I still hate it - especially squat thrusts - but at least I can tell that I'm forcing my body to adapt.

Me and my paparazzi

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I had lunch with a really good friend Thursday. A friend that I can always count on to give me support when I've done something stupid.

I'm sure that got your attention.

After we made it through all of the small talk I told her. I have gotten myself into a big mess.

"Oh no, what have you done?" she asked.

I told her it wasn't really that big of a deal, just something that was WAY not me and totally out of my comfort zone. Well, that must have relaxed her a bit because it was just downhill from there. I mean, remember the support I told you I could always count on? Yeah, it must have gotten lost in the bowl of hot sauce!

No support for me! Only laughter... when I told her I had reluctantly agreed to be interviewed by someone at my job for a quarterly publication that our company writes. No big deal, right? OH, did I mention we have 35,000 employees in our company? Minor details...

I assumed at the time they would ask me about my job and maybe have me submit a photo or something.

Now I'll fill you in on why Shawn almost choked on her salad while laughing at me.

They pretty much could care less what I do for the company. They want to know what I do for a hobby. They want to know about my personal life outside of work.

THEN (and here's where my paparazzi come in) they want a photo shoot!

WHAT?? Do these people know who I am?? And I totally mean that in the most humble, I-hate-to-be-noticed way possible.

Seriously people. Are you trying to send me to an early grave? Ok, I sing. That's it. That's my hobby. People that know me know that, but they also know that I would NEVER want to be photographed doing it, much less photographed PRETENDING to do it, which is what these crazy people wanted to do. (Which is also why Shawn is laughing... because she knows me THAT well!)

By this time, Shawn was pretty much rolling on the floor making a huge scene and basically got us kicked out of the restaurant. Thanks. Like I needed to add that to my list of embarrassing moments for this weekend.

Ok, I made that last thing up, but she was laughing.

So that's that. And here's my first paparazzi picture (which was actually taken by my husband's camera phone). There was a real photographer there though, who was taking pictures of me...

Date Night!

Joey and I went to Scenic Loop Cafe last night for a party with his company. Not only is Joey the greatest salesman in the world, but his branch has been performing very well over the last several months... which works out well for us because that usually means great parties to celebrate!

If you haven't been to Scenic Loop Cafe, I highly recommend it. The atmosphere was beautiful and the food - oh my goodness!! I took pictures of it because it was just so yummy, but looking at the pictures may not make you want to go. So, just trust me!!

Happy weekend all!!

Shred: Day 9 & 10

Friday, I rushed home from work to get my usual beating from Jillian. We celebrated Mother's Day a few days early with my mom, so I had to fit in my workout between work and dinner, or I knew I wouldn't do it.

I'm proud to say I got it done. Yippee!

That was day 9.

Saturday was Day 10, and this one was pretty funny. As I was taking the usual beating, Taylor, my 5 year old son, came into the den with his Mother's Day cards and he simply could not wait to give them to me.

Well, we all know that we have Jillian constantly telling us NOT to stop, and I'm completely out of breath, and trying to tell Taylor that I can't look at them - but not wanting to come across rude... it was actually quite funny.

Needless to say, he understood and sat there on the couch waiting patiently for me to finish. He's such a sweet boy!

How's your shred going?

Shred: Day 7 & 8

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yesterday I moved on up to Level 2 of The Shred.

After I puked on my living room floor halfway through, I decided to call it a day. Ok, so I didn't puke, but I did, literally, have to quit halfway through. I don't know if I'm just that big of a wimp or if it was a combo of my nerves with my daughter's impending surgery later that morning, or what.

BUT I redeemed myself this morning and made it all the way level 2 and I can honestly say that hate Jillian now much more than I did the day I started the Shred.

I had the phrases "squat thrusts", "plank jacks", and "plank twists".

On for the love of PETE!! That last strength set... was she serious with her little "your shoulder muscles may start to burn" crap??? I couldn't lift my shoulders halfway through the second set - and I still had 2 sets to go!

All I have to say is that if I don't look like a freaking Greek Goddess when this is over, I'm gonna be pissed!!!

That's my rant... have a wonderful day, and shred happy :)

"Mommy, you told us NOT to let you go there!"

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This is the sentence I made my children memorize so they could repeat it to me if they ever heard me say the words "I'm going to Wal-Mart" again.

Now I usually consider myself to be a calm, law abiding citizen. But I feel the need to warn you that Wal-Mart brings out the worst in me. Not necessarily the store itself, just the check-out process. To be more specific, the lack of check-out personnel they choose to hire.

So last night I really needed to go to the store since our refrigerator has been reduced to 2 eggs, what's left of a gallon of milk, and a couple slices of cheese. Yeah, there will be no "Mom of the Year" award on my mantle this year.

Anyway, since Wal-Mart is one stoplight closer than HEB, I continue to torture convince myself that it will just be quicker to go there. So I do.

I fill my basket with groceries. You know, the kind will win me the "Mom of the Year" award. Goldfish. Pop-tarts. Granola Bars. Wine coolers Capri-Sun. Block cheese. I make my way to the front of the store to take out a small loan to pay for my bribe groceries, and what do I see?

I know, I really don't even have to finish this story because you all know how it goes. But what would be the fun in that?

Yes. There were a total of 5 check out lanes open. And how many people do you think there were waiting to pay for their Wal-Mart treasures? The entire Northwest side of San Antonio.

One thing I may have failed to mention before is that while I am a calm, law abiding citizen, I have been known to break ridiculous rules. So when I saw that the self check out line only had 2 people waiting, I chose to break the "20 Items or Less" rule.

I proceeded to use my children as child labor (um, that was obvious, right?) and had them unload the basket while I scanned faster than any Wal-Mart cashier could dream of scanning. So fast in fact that the bagging mechanism kept refusing to recognize that I had actually put my groceries into the bag and I had to keep pushing the "skip bagging" button.

Well let me just tell you that after you do that so many times the self check out register shuts down and the employee paid to stand there and watch those registers has to come over and unlock it.

Oh, and she also has to say "Um, ma'am, for future reference, these registers are for 20 items or less."

THIS, my friends, is when I thought I was going to kill someone, RIGHT in front of my sweet little children. I was certainly not afraid to tell this little chicky that I would not be forced to enter the land of self check out if Wal-Mart would dare to open more than 5 registers when half the city is trying to check out!!

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but this register is for 20 items or less."

Oh no she di'nt.

Yeah, she did.

So what did I do? The only thing I can that will keep me from doing 20 to life in Huntsville.


Ashton and Taylor were completely thrown off by this and asked, "Mommy, what's so funny? Why are you laughing? "

"Because baby, sometimes that's just all you can do."

Then I paid for my groceries, pushed my cart to the car and that's when I taught my children the most important phrase they will ever learn.

"Mommy, you told us NOT to let you go there!"

What has God placed in your pack?

Last Saturday something amazing happened. I met Big Mama! I mean, I've been reading her blog and trying to get all of you to read her blog because she's so freakin' hilarious I just can't hardly stand it, and then I got to actually meet her!

Let me tell you, it was all I imagined. She's just as sweet and funny in person as she is in her blog. And she even told me where I could get my jeans hemmed without having them look like they've been hemmed. Priceless.

Big Mama was speaking at an event held at Community Bible Church called Mug and Muffin, so of course I had to grab Staci and go. I won't get into a long recap of what Big Mama spoke about, I'll just tell you that when your children are watching Veggie Tales, be careful. Through all of the laughter and silliness, these little vegetables can be very profound.

The Snoodle Doo. Staci has a link to the video and Big Mama has an excellent description of how God looks at us. How He created each and every one of us for a very specific purpose. God put things in my "pack" that are only for me, but if I let the world, my friends, my co-workers, my family, ANYONE tell me that I can't do those things, that those things aren't for me... if I go searching through someone else's pack to find what I should be I will never be who God desires.

Do you know what God placed in your pack?

Painted piggies

Monday, May 5, 2008

Saturday afternoon Joey and I decided to take the kids on separate dates. Joey and Taylor wanted to see Iron Man. Ashton and I did not. No surprise there, I'm sure.

So while the boys were at the movie, I decided to take Ashton to get her first pedicure.

Ok, I shamelessly used my own daughter as an excuse to get my unmanicured, desperately needy toes to the salon. But c'mon! It's not like I didn't want to take her and have a girls night out! It just so happened that all the stars lined up in my favor and my toes got taken care of at the same time.

It was a win-win situation.

Anyway, back to real story. We had such a great time. Ashton loved getting a pedicure, after they cooled the water off a bit. Just a little warm for her liking...

Look at that face, though. She was lovin' the massage chair!

Ok, I'm likin' it too...

And if anyone knows a good salon with people who speak English, please fill me in. I mean, I love my daughter dearly, but I got roped into flowers on her toes, a manicure, and flowers on her finger nails... and all of this really because I could not for the life of me understand what this guy was saying!!! I just kept smiling and nodding not wanting to be rude!!

Yeah, that was obviously the wrong choice...

Her toes do look adorable though. And that's all that matters! Mine aren't bad either.

How do I love thee. Let me count the ways...

  1. Dead grasshoppers

  2. Live grasshoppers

  3. Baby lizards

  4. Lizard body parts

  5. A dead mouse once a week

  6. A mouse that's still breathing, but wishes it was dead, once a week

  7. A very dead mouse on Thursday, an almost dead mouse left in the kitchen floor, and yet another mouse - very much alive - in our bathtub on Friday.

This last mouse, I came to realize, was not a gift for us. It was simply a toy that the cat picked up for herself while out on her hunting trip for our little gift. (You might wonder how I know it was a toy for her and not a gift for us... that would be because we found her in the bathtub playing with it. No harm, no foul.)

OK, Leah. We get it! You're angry that we got a dog and you're feeling some pressure to establish your place in the family.

Since I know that you're at home sitting by the computer reading my blog, please, I beg of you! We love you dearly, but you can stop the gifts!

You're spoiling us. Really.

A Post From Joey...

Well, first of I'd like to say that Stephanie can no longer say I don't post stuff on "our" blog... "OUR". I mean maybe I should just get my own and it will be crazy! haha

So, okay, back to the original reason for this post. I'm so proud of Stephanie. Last night, she says to me, "I may need to put my shoes on and go outside to figure out if I can do pull ups!" (we have a swing set out there) Keep in mind it was already dark, so, I had to get the flash light. Now, those of you that know my wife, know that this type of activity is not normal! I was pretty excited! So, we got out there and sure enough, she did it! In fact, she did 4.. count them 4 pull ups , unassisted. That's pretty good, and it brought a tear to my eye. Good job babe! So, I guess that's it. - Joey

Shred: Day 6

Holy ab muscles!!

Yeah, those of you who aren't feeling it with the Shred ab workout, go ahead and start the ab workout that I posted yesterday. But don't hate. Just know that with pain comes ripped abs, right Izzy?

At least that better be true because my abs are hurtin' today!!

And the Shred? Yeah, I'm still going.

Got up at 5:20 again this morning to get my butt kicked by Jillian. It's not making me sore any more though, so as much as I hate it, I think I may jump to level 2 tomorrow.

Of course I may puke, too, but I really like to be sore when I workout.

I guess I just love pain. Dumb, I know.

Ab Routine

Sunday, May 4, 2008

After complaining on this here blog about how I wasn't getting a good ab workout on The 30 Day Shred, my good friend Izzy, who is always wanting the best for my abs, sent me this:

A1 - 3 x 15 Jackknife

A2 - 3 x 16 Wiper Raises
  • You're on your back, leg straight up at a 90 degree angle you let them fall to one side and bring them back up always keeping your legs straight and the 90 degree angle you do 16 on each side.
A3 - Leg and Hip Raises Combo
  • On your back, legs straight on the floor, bring your leg up to a 90 degree angle while keeping them straight. When you've reach that point, lift your hips off the floor - like you would with a regular hip raise - lower your hips, then your legs and start over again.
  • You do a regular plank for 30 sec. then you turn to your side and do a side plank for 30 sec back to a regular plank for 30 sec and other side plank for 30 and back to center for another 30.

Here's what the entire ab workout should look like:
  • A1 (15x), wait 30 sec
  • A2 (16x) wait 30 sec
  • A3 (15x) and wait 60 sec
  • REPEAT two more times
  • Plank combo (once)
Lest you think that my dear friend Izzy doesn't know what she's talking about, how's about you check her out! (We designed her website, too!)

Shred: Day 5

Because I enjoy nothing more than a beating from Jillian at 5:30 in the morning, I decided to get my lazy butt up at 5:15 so I could workout before work.

What was I thinking?

Well, I was remembering the days long ago, when I worked 5 minutes from my house, and used to go the gym at 5:30 every morning. I remembered how great it felt to workout in the morning, so I thought I'd try it.

I may try it tomorrow, too.

Still feeling good. How about y'all?

And about the ab workout - I've had a couple people say they're feeling the same as me and not getting much out of the ab workout on the video, so I'll be posting an additional ab workout later today - courtesy of my good friend Fit Izzy.

Stay tuned...

Shred: Day 3 & 4

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I have to say, this is the first time I have worked out on Saturday and Sunday in, ummm... I don't know, FOR-EV-ER!!!

I do think the Shred gets a bit easier each day, but is it just me, or do you all want to kill Jillian about halfway through the squat/shoulder press set? That is a killer. I just tell myself if I can make it through that, I can make it through the entire video.

Now, are any of you really feeling it in your abs? I'm somewhat disappointed in the ab work, as I was really hoping to get some nice abs out of this, but my abs haven't even been the slightest bit sore.

How about y'all?

Shred: Day 2

Friday, May 2, 2008

So last night I did Day 2 of The 30 Day Shred. It wasn't as bad as Day 1 and I didn't want to kill Jillian nearly as much.

However, my calves and shoulders are KILLING me!!!

I won't let that deter me though. I'm on a mission!!

Viva Fiesta!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ok, with that title, I feel the need to confess again. I'm not a fan of Fiesta. I mean, I love to fiesta (party), but the actual San Antonio Fiesta? Not a fan.

Please hold the hate mail. It's not like I don't like San Antonio. I've lived here for 23 years. I've been to NIOSA once, before last weekend, and all I remember is getting beer spilled all over me. Is that supposed to be fun?

BUT, what I am a fan of is funnel cake. Big Mama said there was funnel cake. NIOSA here I come!

Our good friends Rich & Susan were gonna check it out so we decided to join them.

(Aren't we cute?)

Would you like to know the first thing we heard when we entered the gate? I bet by the sign below you're thinking it was Cascarones (pronounced in true Spanish fashion).

But no. Everybody say it with me. Cas-Cah-Row-Neeees. Yeah, just like macaroni.

Seriously. What has Fiesta come to when we have white women at the entrance gate of NIOSA screaming, "Cas-Cah-Row-Neeees! Get your Cas-Cah-Row-Neeees!"

Could someone not even give them a 2 minute Spanish lesson before they filled in for Juanita at that booth? Sheesh!

But really, who was I to criticize. I was there for the true Mexican fare... FUNNEL CAKE and margaritas.

Margaritas. This brings me to another sad Fiesta tale. Why is it that I can't get a margarita at Fiesta? I mean, I can practically get a margarita at the corner store, but they don't have tequila at NIOSA? Is this not a crime? Well if it's not, then I'll tell you the real crime is that they do serve margaritas, WAY in the back. And they hope you're drunk by the time you get there and don't realize that they're making them with WINE instead of tequila!

People, in case you're not aware, which I'm sure you are, this Fiesta event is taking place in San Antonio! Aren't we like the margarita capital of... somewhere!

Well, speaking of wine. This fabulous girl had just a bit too much while pouring it for NIOSA patrons. She was a HOOT!!

And that's all I have to say about that.

Viva fiesta! That should hold us for another 10 years at least, right honey??

By the way, after all of that, I never did get my funnel cake.

It was a NIOSA tragedy.

Shred: Day 1

Holy sweat glands Batman!

Yesterday I said I could do anything for 20 minutes. You should never say that. Especially when it involves Jillian Micheals.

Seriously. I she the devil incarnate?

I made it through, and I can still walk and lift my arms, but I didn't do the workout until 7:30 last night, so I'm sure by that time tonight, I'll need a wheelchair.

On a good note, several of you have jumped on the Shred train so I'm anxious to hear how you're doing as well! Leave a comment and let me know!

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