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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Today I had lovely lunch at my favorite Mexican establishment with a friend I hadn't seen in a while. In the midst of catching up we couldn't help but notice that our waiter looked seriously stoned.

He delivered our drinks properly, although they did taste funny. He took our order, never to return again. We just assumed he needed a smoke break (you know, the stoned look)... and we're fairly certain it wasn't Marlboro's he was smoking.

Thankfully someone else brought our food. The leaves in my friends salad were questionable, but there were no side effects by the end of the meal, so I think we're good.

Our top notch waiter finally returned when it was time to pay the bill. Here's when it gets good.

My bill was $7.50. I gave him a $10 bill. Now stay with me. I know this is difficult, but together we can work through it.

How much change should he have brought me? Grant it, he was a bit stoned, but still.

$10-$7.50=$2.50. Right?

How much change DID he bring me? $2. Really? $2??

Please tell me why I was robbed right before my very eyes in the middle of a crowded restaurant on the North side of San Antonio? How can this happen? Did he think I wouldn't notice? Did he think I would somehow be grateful to him for lightening the load in my purse by reducing the amount of change I have to carry?

Maybe I looked like I'm not a good tipper and he thought he should just go ahead and take what he could get. Hope that worked out buddy...


Chris Rasco said...

We had dinner at Tomatillo's over on Broadway one night with my in-laws and our iced tea tasted a little funny. I'm no smoker, but I've been to enough concerts to be able to identify that particular aroma when I smell it.

I took a sip of my tea and looked at my wife and asked her if it tasted funny. She agreed. We left it at that, but when we got in the car, we both agreed that the tea tasted like pot.

Telling your waiter that your tea tastes like mary jane in front of your in-laws raises too many questions. It was easier to just not drink the tea.

Joey & Stephanie said...

You're hilarious, Chris!!

Chris Rasco said...

What can I say. I have lots of wacky things happen to me. Just wait until you read my recent blog post about bidets.

Anonymous said...

Ok, THAT is funny!! I'm sure you guys were laughing your booties off, how fun..oh my gosh, your friend..that is halarious!!!

Anonymous said...

PS..what is your fav Mexican rest?

Chris Rasco said...

It definitely sounds like something that would occur at Martha's. I have no clue what restaurant this really happened at though.

Allmykids123 said...

I swear, we had the same waiter!! We got ripped off too and I think our guy was wasted! We were at Alamo Cafe!! I still loooooove that place.. robbery and all! I love reading your blog!

Joey & Stephanie said...

OMG - it WAS Alamo Cafe!!! On 281!!! It's my fav place to go... I love their queso, but seriously, just give me the correct change, right?

allmykids123 - thanks for reading my blog! I love meeting new blog buddies!

David & Jo Ann said...

The other night we were out and I paid with a $20. My change was $10 and the waiter gave me 2 $5's. Now how stupid is that? I wasn't going to leave him a $5.. so I dug in my wallet and came up with about $1.13! That's all he got! I really thought they trained these waiters better than that! Go figure!

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