Field Day

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ashton had Field Day right before Spring Break and I was lucky enough to get to go. Being a working mom, I rarely get to enjoy school functions, but since my boss was out of town, I took half a day and played mom!

I found Ashton about to try her luck on the balance beam. She, of course, didn't need luck. After 10 months of gymnastics, she was a pro!

Ashton and her teacher, Ms. Villarreal.

Self portrait with my little beauty...

Tug-of-war, anyone? She's pretty strong. She'll take you down!

I believe she called this "The Dead Lady."

Snack time! I thought the school district had health guidelines, but I guess those don't apply to Field Day, because snack involved Twinkies (YUK!) and orange flavored drinks (aka, sugar water). Oh well, I'm cool with it.

Horse and chariot... right up Ashton's alley!

Happy Birthday Old Man

Hey. I have an idea. Stop getting older! You're dragging me with you!!

Happy Birthday big brother!! Hope it's all it's cracked up to be... you're always the first to know :)

Happy Easter!

I know, I have the most beautiful angels in the world... sent straight from heaven. They thoroughly enjoyed their Easter, filled with egg hunts, church, Pepaw's famous ham, Memaw's famous bunny cake, stuffed bunnies, more egg hunts, and lots of love.

Honestly, have you ever seen anything cuter???

(No, we haven't enrolled Taylor in private Catholic school. Mom showed him this suit and there was no going back... he HAD to have it. He wore it all day long and would not take it off. He does look mighty handsome, wouldn't you say??)

Papa and Taylor - so handsome!!

85 years young

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yesterday, March 5, my grandmother turned 85! She's just as beautiful as ever, wouldn't you agree? My mom took her to get manicures and pedicures and then met me and my brother for lunch. What a blessing to have her so close. We love you so much Grandmother!!

Another tooth lost...

Well, Ashton finally lost another tooth, unfortunately, it's not the one we were hoping for. She's had several loose teeth for months now that she refuses to pull - or let us pull. The last time she went to the dentist, the dentist even pulled one! The only reason she didn't pull the other loose tooth was because Ashton promised her she would pull it herself within a week.

Well, Ashton still hasn't pulled it and it is still dangling in her mouth. So imagine my surprise when I came home on Tuesday and Ashton informed me that she had lost a tooth at school. I just knew it was the tooth in question. "Nope!" She said. A different loose tooth. I guess she has some sort of spiritual attachment to that tooth....

Here are her Tooth Fairy findings...

For some reason, she needed some privacy. I thought it was hysterical!

At least she tossed the money out from under the covers so I could take a picture!!

Game night!

We had family game night on Saturday (thanks mom & dad for teaching the kids to play dominoes!!) and we had such a great time. Granted, by the end of the night the kids were just delirious with laughter, but who wouldn't be with all the Caprisun and popcorn??

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