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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The infamous Epcot "ball" (really it holds the ride Spaceship Earth, but we'll get to that in a minute). We had a great time here as well. Admittedly, this was slotted in my mind to be my least favorite because I thought it was just a big "educational" park. I guess it is somewhat, but they did have some of the coolest rides, too!

This is Test Track - now, if you haven't been to Disney before, you should know that everything is a production. Not just the shows and parades, but everything! Standing in line is a production!

To further explain, this is the inside of the "Test Track" where you wait in line. Crash test dummies and wrecked cars every where. Then, when you're ready to get on the ride, they take you into this room and all of the sudden it's as if you ARE the test driver. The video plays and instructs you on how you will test the car you're driving... it's like this on every ride. It's pretty amazing if you're used to the standard Sea World/Fiesta Texas lines...

There's Jason in the back (those are Ali's legs next to him), Madi, Ashton, and Austin in the front. (Taylor rode with mommy and daddy.)

On our way to another area of the park, we happened upon the Epcot Character Spot. It was a gold mine of Disney characters... so much so that the kids didn't even mind the 30-40 minute wait. Sorry, no fast passes for character pics!

(You'll notice that Taylor is never with the girl characters. He was so silly and would not take a picture with any of them!)

Joey had to get in on the Alice In Wonderland shot, but Taylor would not join him for anything!! Notice Joey's shirt?? (What a hottie!)

Now, onto the learning section... the kids made paper! Isn't that cool? Ashton is stamping her final project and Taylor has just finished dragging that screen through pulp. Ok, so maybe all the learning isn't that bad...

Waiting in line for Spaceship Earth, which is inside the Epcot ball... I always wondered what was in there...

Mom & Dad on Spaceship Earth. It's not a fast ride, so I held on to my camera.

Ahhh... Soarin'. This was, I believe, the overall favorite. It is the most awesome experience... Jason & Dad even went back to Epcot one night just to ride this!

Mom and dad did another extra special experience for us (as if the trip itself wasn't enough) and got us on the Fireworks Extravaganza. We were met in the Contemporary Resort by Captain Hook and Mr. Smee, who saw us off on our sailing adventure.

Once we were out in the center of the lake, we had the best seats in the house for the Magic Kingdom fireworks show. It was really beautiful... the pics will certainly not do it justice, but they did turn out pretty good, I thought.

Then, we were met back on shore by Peter Pan himself! We chased him down and got the cutest pics of the kids.

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